The Yellow Heart Canister will add 2 more permanent health points (1 heart) when equipped. It can be stacked up to 10 times. If you happen to die with one equipped, the canister will not be lost. The effects of Yellow Heart Canisters stack with the effects of Red and Green Heart Canisters, allowing a potential health increase of 60 hp (30 hearts).


Yellow Heart Canisters can be made by crafting an enchanted golden apple, Red Heart Canister and a Yellow Miniature Heart together. The recipe is shapeless.
Crafting GUI.png

Golden Apple

Red Heart Canister

Yellow Miniature Heart

Yellow Heart Canister


  • When initially equipped the heart canister will not generate the extra heart of health, it must be regenerated through a full hunger bar or using potions.
  • When transferring to a different shell using the Sync mod, the heart canisters will remain in the player's Armour tab rather than being left behind.

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