aka TherminatorX(MC), or Therrous(non-MC)

  • I live in a secret cave
  • I was born on June 10
  • My occupation is unknown
  • I am a male-man
  • ThermX

    Welp, I'm dead.

    September 25, 2015 by ThermX

    Hello to all yous who do work around here!

    First off, I'd like to apologize for being dead. It was a very unfortunate happenstance and I regret not being around when I'm needed. I moved to college in the beginning of the month and got a shiny new computer for it that ran SOOOOO much smoother than this old piece of Vista that has all my accounts bookmarked and logged into. I all but threw my old laptop into a corner when I was able to get more than 10 FPS on modded MC.

    Second off, I'd like to thank you all for sticking around and editing pages: adding info, solving grammer issues(intended issue, humor me), and making the pages much easier on the eyes. I never would have been able to do this on my own.

    In closing, I'm going to be logging in to …

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  • ThermX

    What follows is part two of the journals of the player who will be the "father" of TherminatorX

    Log 21: doesn't exist

    Log 22: doesn't exist

    Log 23: doesn't exist

    Log 24: doesn't exist

    Trolololol! I've lost my notebook, and can't remember the real stuff! :P

    When I do find it, this content will be replaced.

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  • ThermX

    Nifty Tool Names

    February 28, 2014 by ThermX

    Recently, while playing a custom pack with my buddy Mr_Smiley(to-be username), he came upon the realization that alumite looks like candy! We started throwing possible names around after he named his longsword "Lollipop," and came up with "Sugar Rush" for a rapier, "Skittle" for a pan, and "Dum-Dum" for a hammer. Would like to know what the community creates for candy names of alumite tools.

    Additionally, what other tool materials could have themes? This included multi-part tools, not just of one material. The theme would go with the main part, like the head for a pick, or a sign for a battlesign. Note: paper will be used to up modification.

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  • ThermX

    This story is on the origin of my character, and may be crappy at times since I'm making this up as I go. Anyway, here is are the logs 1-20 of a player, who is to be the "father" of the entity known as TherminatorX.

    Log 1:

    I have decided to record my research and findings in this log. Delving into artificial life and intelligence is something one must document fully. After my pet wolf Wilma died in a vicious witch attack, I preserved her mind and heart in hopes of finding some way to bring her back. I must hurry.

    Log 2:

    Modifying and infusing my diamond armor with redstone, I hope to re-create Wilma in a new form. A mixture of bonemeal, water, and glowstone dust seems to somehow preserve life in her remains. The redstone doesn’t break in the f…

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  • ThermX


    January 27, 2014 by ThermX

    So, after semi-careful consideration, I have decided to join the Wikia community. Many of the mods I follow have Wikia wikkis(plural of wiki?), so being able to edit and contribute officiallly(I previously just used "A Wikia Contributor") will help quite a bit. Due to a lack of nice pictures on the Tinker's Construct Wiki, I have decided to start there. Hopefully, the community benifits and I will too. Cyan for now! -ThermX

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