Shortbows hate me. Or rather I make them hate me. The first one I made was solid stone. It had a durability of nil and a range of 3 feet, doing no damage each time. I gave up on it and made one of bone. Bone shot further, but did minimal damage. I then got a Smeltery going and made one I called the frying bowcon. It had one pig iron limb, one obsidian limb for reinforced 3 and a flamestring bowstring. It got bacon, lit mobs on fire... But the obsidian screwed me over. It had a draw time of 15 seconds, a range of five feet and the damage of a falling snow pea. I had also made really good arrows for this bow, but they just plopped on the ground and zombies picked them up and cleaned my clock with them. I then framed this one and made one, final, actually good bow with pig iron and Manyullyn limbs and a flamestring bowstring. It kills in one shot. And does NOT take half an hour to pull back.

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