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  • Satherian

    Okay, so as I'm writing this, I've just finished the Smeltery template. It was a bit more difficult than expected, but I'm happy it works. But, more importantly, I felt the need to explain how to upload and format pictures of items for use on the templates. I also thought it might be useful to give a little tutorial on how to add templates.

    Now, the first step if making sure the formating of the picture on your (the reader's) Hard Drive. Listed below are the needed guidelines, If these are not followed, then the picture will not work right with the templates (Currently: Crafting, Smelting, and Smeltery) and/or I will get angry at you:

    • The file must be 32 px by 32 px. Most of Minecraft's sprites are 16 by 16, so you will have to enlarge them.…

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  • Satherian

    Like An RSS for the Story

    February 4, 2014 by Satherian

    So, I'm creating this blog post for a simple reason: so that I won't have to comment on other threads that I uploaded the story. This way I can modify this page, and it'll show up for people who are subscribed. Simple and easy.

    Also, Part 4 is up. Pokeli and Megumi are freed and they discover a problem with their plan. Part 5 will be the end of the back-story-arc and will introduce a new character.

    So I've finished Part 5 and sent it to TrillingFlute. Part 6 is on it's way.

    Satherian (Name from Me) - Main Character, 10 years old, Magical Winter Powers, Parents eaten by Bears.

    Fallanus (Name from Best Friend who introduced me to Minecraft) - Leader of the Wolves,

    The Wolves - A group of 5 Werewolf siblings (and their spouses, who also have The G…

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  • Satherian

    Satherian for Moderator

    January 25, 2014 by Satherian

    Note: Posting this mostly for Master_Wight's use, but others could look at it and agree or disagree.

    So, as Master_Wight has pointed out, he would like to become the official Admin for the Tinkers' COnstruct wiki, mostly due to the abscense of the MrrGingerNinja (The starter of this Wiki, without whom this wiki wouldn't exist).

    I, still being in school, do not want to take on the responsibility of having to care for the wiki, and so I am perfectly fine with Master_Wight becoming the Admin.

    I am, though, interested in becoming a moderator. Now even if this position doesn't truely exist, it would just serve as representation of a higher status to the regular contributor. (ARGENTUM2 probably deserves it also, s/he's contributed quite a bit, too.…

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