Hey guys! How are you? Good I hope! Assuming you are fine, that is good! I'm fine.

Some things I want you to look at is my creation story AND to give me feedback, and to look at TheOnlyBentley's newest series, which is a development modpack for 1.7.2 including TiC!

That is all for now. Bye guys! "See" you later!

It would be nice if you guys would help me figure out how to install mods (if only TiC, optifine, a minimap, and maybe ThC and treecapitator) for 1.5.2 MC. (NOT reverted from 1.6.4). Please guys? I'm doing a superflat survival on the "tunnelers dream" preset and would like to have TiC tools and ThC, even if I had to start over. Maybe world edit so I could save my house and a few surounding chunks but regen everything else. Anyway, thanks if you help me out!

Hey. Isn't anyone going to look at this stuff? Please?

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