Okay, so I've been wondering... mDiyo's TC-integrated add-ons and mods (TMechWorks and Natura, specifically) don't, in my opinion, have enough content individually to merit their own wikis. They do, however, have information that is relevant to Tinker's Construct. I'm thinking we could have the pages for TMW items and Natura items, but have it explicitly marked at the beginning of the pages that it is from another mod. 

I'm not sure, though, if Natura should be on here or on its own wiki.. Go ahead and leave comments below as to whether or not you think it should be on here or on its own wiki. If we figure it should be on its own, I'll make the wiki and we'll officially have a sister-wiki! :D

**NOTE: This does not include third-party add-ons such as iguana tweaks. At this time, at least. These add-ons may have their own single pages on this wiki listing their features, but not covered in the extent that we cover TC or would be covering TMW and Natura.**

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