• Master Wight

    WightPack creation

    March 19, 2014 by Master Wight

    Aight, sick and tired of the flipping FTB packs not working for people. Let's try engineering a pack which I shall dub the "WightPack Ultimate" pack.

    Mods I want to have installed:

    Highlander (It's another biome mod that I happen to like. It gives you pretty good biomes without lagging you to hell like BoP does.)

    Thermal Expansion

    Applied Energistics

    Ars Magica 2


    IndustrialCraft 2

    Thaumcraft 4

    Magical Crops


    Random Things


    Tinker's Construct



    Tinker's Steelworks (?)

    I'm sure I'll think of others, but anyways:

    What mods would you guys like to see in the modpack?

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  • Master Wight

    So guess what, guys? I've got things set up so I'll be able to get a server set up soon! :3 So the question is..

    WightPack Technophile, or WightPack Magus?

    If you guys want the specifics of the packs (I'm too lazy to type it all out right now >->) just let me know. Basically, Technophile is lots of tech but no magic and Magus is lots of magic with minimal tech (it has forestry.. I had to throw that guilty pleasure in there. Not quite kosher, but I have to have my bees ;-;)

    If you guys really want a different modpack (FTB, hexxit, etc.), feel free to suggest them and I'll consider using one of them instead.

    I'm excited to play with you guys! :D

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  • Master Wight

    Okay, so I've been wondering... mDiyo's TC-integrated add-ons and mods (TMechWorks and Natura, specifically) don't, in my opinion, have enough content individually to merit their own wikis. They do, however, have information that is relevant to Tinker's Construct. I'm thinking we could have the pages for TMW items and Natura items, but have it explicitly marked at the beginning of the pages that it is from another mod. 

    I'm not sure, though, if Natura should be on here or on its own wiki.. Go ahead and leave comments below as to whether or not you think it should be on here or on its own wiki. If we figure it should be on its own, I'll make the wiki and we'll officially have a sister-wiki! :D

    **NOTE: This does not include third-party add-ons s…

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  • Master Wight

    Basically anything in the assets -> tinker -> textures -> items -> materials folder that I think is necessary (probably won't do nuggets and small stuff like that, but yeah :D)

    So if you're thinkin' bout adding some pics, wait till I've got my item pics up tomorrow morning.

    I'll be signing off for the day in 9 minutes, so here's the game plan: 

    TrillingFlute: Stay beautiful.

    ThermX: See above.

    Argentum: Keep calm and Nazi on.

    Satherian: See if you can get the template from the tekkit wiki that allows you to do furnace recipes. Also, if you could reverse-engineer their recipes enough to make a tool building recipe thing, that would be simply awesome (though you'd likely have to make tons of templates.. Perhaps it would be better to just use pics …

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  • Master Wight


    February 5, 2014 by Master Wight

    Okay, so I have a pretty nasty issue.. In my modpack, RAM usage exceeds the default maximum for minecraft, and causes it to crash.

    I can't decide which course to take.. I could either shave off mods, set custom JVM parameters, or go with a custom launcher that would set those parameters for you. I'd love to do the last, but I don't know exactly how to do this...

    What do you guys think?

    Also, I'm thinking about making 3 modpacks: WightPack Magus, WightPack Technophile, and WightPack Ultimate. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, and the last is just a combination of the two for those with beefier computers.

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