One day I was walking along, my wooden shortbow and wooden arrows and wooden sword and wooden knife and wooden shuriken and wooden pickaxe and wooden longbow in my hand(s) when I fell into a cave and discovered metal and ThermX's father. He punched me in the fez with his sword and I sez I ded. I turnz intoz zombiez and zats zis zrains. Ziz zrainz zere zasty.

One week later, on Large Block's News

TherminatorX's dad was found with his face eaten off and a zombie chewing on his leg. The zombie was captured and questioned in the Ministry of Alumite and said, "The chicken places don't let zombies in. What was I to do?" His manicured gentile voice made the investigators relax, and he manipulated their weak minds into opening the cage. He was found munching a white-coated leg while walking down main street. He paid the corperate center and all charges were removed. He now owns a slaughterhouse on Corp. Ave where he eats the corperation's enemies.

Thank you for watching Large Block's News. We remind you that the slaughterhouse is 100% legal.


Episode 1984

Big Brother is awful, thought Wilson/main character as he sat in the Ministry of Alumite. They tortured him for 1984 seconds then he screamed, give it to whoever the other character is  at the top of his lungs. The other character was found sticking a knife in him.

*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Now for CraftBall scores.

CHAMPION BiG McDonald threw a crafting table & furnace combo at his opponent, Shrimp-o Jo-o. Shrimp-o is now recuperating in the hospital.

The BiG team scored 2004 points against the Shrimp-os, who scored -1964. They say, "my car did it"

The BiG team's ranger was found shooting a longbow at the Shrimp-os yesterday. the BiG team lost 20 points, and the Shrimp-os gained 1020. The scores are tied at 1984-1984.



Shutting down...

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