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Welcome to the Tinkers' Construct Wiki!


This is a wiki database for the Minecraft mod Tinkers' Construct. This includes crafting recipes, mob data and other information. Please feel free to add to anything! However, we do have basic guidelines:

  • IMPORTANT: USE THE VISUAL EDITOR CAREFULLY! Please however consider using the source editor over the visual editor. The visual editor sometimes inserts additional messy HTML code and does not respect templates.
  • Do not vandalize the wiki in any way, shape, or form.
  • Do not add unneeded categories or add pages to unrelated categories (such as tools to the "Item" category).
  • If you need help, check to see if it is an user error. Report errors with the latest releases (1.9 releases) to the Official Github. Otherwise, make a blog post! Do not post your errors in unrelated comment sections!
  • If you are creating a page, make sure it isn't already made.
  • Try to make productive comments. If you have a problem, please don't just say "HELP ME!", add some description to it.


Tinker's Construct was created by mDiyo, and is being developed by boni. It's used for a multitude of purposes, primarily for making basic to advanced tools and weapons. You also can use a Smeltery for efficient ore processing. Other parts of TC include new mobs, inventory extensions, and many, many new decorative and functional blocks.


Latest Activity

  • discussion page Need help with the smeltery
    comment by Brinky 1 minute ago


    Appearantly I can't seem to make a Signalum Crossbow Limb, I put 4 ingots (which a crossbow limb costs) in the smeltery but I can't pour ... 

  • discussion page Talk:Slime Water
    new comment by IsaDaCool 1 day ago
    Comment: does it spwan congealed blocks?
  • discussion page Talk:Slime Island
    new comment by IsaDaCool 1 day ago
    Comment: i found one straight up on my spawn what is my luck
  • discussion page Talk:Chisel
    edited comment by Macks2010 1 day ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Chisel
    new comment by Macks2010 1 day ago
    Comment: Okay, from reading the comments, I understand the eating information is actually intended (or at least not limited to one instance of the item... i...
  • edit Knightslime
    edited by Xymorm 3 days ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Obsidian
    new comment by Mdboer 4 days ago
    Comment: I'm unable to open the config in minecraft, but that is with more mods, this also means I haven't messed with it
  • discussion page Talk:Cobalt
    new comment by Oscots 5 days ago
    Comment: If cobalt and ardite take aluminite to mine and there is no aluminum in the world or even in the ores in NEI, what else mines it? 
  • discussion page Talk:Fletching
    new comment by Otherworldlyworlds 5 days ago
    Comment: playing 1.7.10 i made a fletching of slime leaves it gave regular leaf fletchinng,wat went wrong?
  • discussion page Talk:Obsidian
    new comment by ThermX 6 days ago
    Comment: Check your configs

Other Information

Latest Versions

Official download links are under the Community tab. Do not ask for downloads on this wiki.

Forge Version Tinker's Construct Mantle
1.9 2.3.1a 0.10.1
1.8.9 2.2.1 0.9.2
1.7.10 1.8.8 0.3.2b
1.6.4 EX.30
1.5.2 1.4.3 N/A

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