The Tinker Table is not so much a block as a setup. You may or may not realize it the first time you get a Tinker Table. All it is is a Crafting Station placed adjacent to a Tool Forge or Tool Station. The GUI looks very similar to a regular Crafting Table or Crafting Station. Even while being a Tinker Table, the Crafting Station will still access an adjacent chest's inventory. To modify a tool or the Traveller's Gear in the Tinker Table you must place the item being modified in the centre square, where the pickaxe outline is.


  • The GUI title at the top will read 'Tinker Table.'
  • There will be a pickaxe outline in the center square of the grid.
  • The Tinker Table can modify tools and Traveller's Gear.
  • The Tinker Table, however, can NOT create tools. You still need a tool station/forge for that.

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