Image Material-Thaumium
Mod Thaumcraft
Description (None)
Requires Smeltery? No
Durability 400
Full Tool Durability 520
Handle Modifier 1.3x
Mining Level 3
Mining Speed 7.0
Base Attack 1
Material Trait Thaumic I

Thaumium is a tool material added by the Thaumcraft mod.


Thaumium is crafted in a Thaumcraft Crucible, using 1 Iron ingot and 4 Precantatio

Thaumium can also be found in dungeon or village chests, and traded for with Pechs and Thaumcraft villagers.


Thaumium can be used in a Part Builder to make parts for tools.

Tools crafted using it will have the Thaumic ability, which is similar to the Writeable ability of Paper, in that it gives tools with one thaumium part one extra modifier slot. If the tool has has three or more parts (two for tools with only two parts), it has two extra modifier slots.


Despite it being a metal, tool parts made of Thaumium are crafted in the part builder, not the casting table.  

In some cases thaumium may be preferable to paper, because while it is harder to obtain, it has higher handle modifier, durability and mining speed than paper making it suitable for use in all parts of a tool. 

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