Mod Vanilla
Description One of the most common materials in the world.
Requires Smeltery? No
Durability 131
Full Tool Durability 66
Handle Modifier 0.5x
Mining Level 1
Mining Speed 4.0
Base Attack 0.5
Material Trait Stonebound I

Stone is the most common block in Minecraft, making up 99% of the overworld. When broken it drops cobblestone, except when using a Silk Touch pick, when it drops Stone. Both stone and cobblestone can be used to make stone tool parts. Stone parts, like Netherrack have the Stonebound I ability, where it increases mining speed and decreases attack value as durability decreases. As such, it is commonly used for tool bindings.

Stone also can be melted in the Smeltery into molten Seared Stone, it can be used for tools, adding the Stonebound I ability.


Tinkers' Construct Smeltery GUI.png

Grid Stone

288 mB

800 C

Smeltery Liquid Stone

Other Uses

Due to the fact that it is extremely common, it is very commonly used to make part casts.

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