Silky Jewel
Image Modifier-SilkyJewel
Mod Tinkers' Construct
Description Adding a large glob of aluminum brass or gold and a bunch of string seems to give the tool silky-smooth properties.
Effects -Allows blocks to be harvested directly
-Scythes modified with Silky act as shears on blocks
-Not compatible with Luck or Auto-Smelt
Type Single-Use
Stackable No
Adds Trait(s) Silktouch
Modifier Type

The Silky Jewel is a Modifier which is used to simulate the Silk Touch enchantment from Vanilla on Tinkers' Construct tools and weapons.



Crafting GUI.png

Silky Cloth

Silky Cloth


Silky Cloth

Silky Cloth

Silky Jewel


  • It works exactly like Vanilla's Silk Touch.
  • Tools will work slower with the Silky Jewel applied.


  • While this can be applied to weapons, it is not recommended as it can only mine grass, ice, glowstone, and glass and is otherwise useless.


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