The Shuriken is a weapon that was added with the latest beta version of Tinkers' Construct, along with other weapons such as the throwing knife. Shurikens are crafted using four Shuriken Blades in a Tool Forge. It is a stackable item that can be picked up again so long as it doesn't hit a mob, much like vanilla arrows. It acts like a throwing knife in that it can be thrown, doing less damage than the knife (both thrown and melee), but can be stacked and therefore spammed. Similar to the knife, the amount of shurikens made and the stack size is determined by the materials used to create it. For example, pure Manyullyn shurikens would make a larger stack than, say, stone and wood. Shurikens are best used when facing a horde of oncoming enemies, when you need a hailstorm of blades flying at your enemies' faces. It is recommended to build your shuriken out of four separate materials, for example: manyulynn, bone, prismarine, and magma slime. Since Mending Moss works much differently this version, making it out of bone allows you to repair the Shurikens very cheaply.

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