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In Tinker's Construct, tool creation is almost infinite. However, some tool combinations are not very useful nor efficient. For example, making a sword with a manuyllyn sword blade and a stone tool rod is inefficient. Stone has a 0.7x handle modifier which reduces the overall durability of the sword and has Stonebound which reduces damage as a tool's durability decreases.

The "best" tool is entirely dependent on what you want to achieve. Do you want to clear an entire mountain or just mine away all ores you see?

General Tips

  • Obsidian Tool Bindings/Crossbars are useful because of the Reinforced III ability.
  • Tool Rods are best made from Blue or Green Slime, Cobalt, Ardite, or Manyullyn.
  • The best pick head for a non-metallic pick is either Obsidian, Green Slime, or Thaumium (Added by Thaumcraft). Obsidian, Green Slime and Blue slime are common finds in village tinker chests.
  • Paper, Magical wood, and Thaumium are best used as pickaxe bindings or plates in higher-tier tools.
  • The Mossy modifier is very powerful when used. You may never have to repair a tool again!
  • Steel can be used instead of Alumite, they both break the nether ores Cobalt and Ardite.
  • Steel can be used instead of Manyullyn, they both deal the same amount of damage
  • Steel's stats are changed by mods such as Iguana Tinker Tweaks and will not be as good as Alumite or Manyullyn as mentioned above
  • Bronze is a much better tool material than Iron. The durability is higher and it is faster than Iron.
  • Cactus Crossbars are useful because of the Jagged ability.
  • Mossy on pickaxes is probably less useful due to how much time you spend in a cave with them; thus away from the sunlight that makes mossy work
  • At lower tiers, before you have access to most of the alloying metals, make the main part out of something you can get a hold of easily. Nothing's worse than using your only [insert material here] as the main component, and then your tool breaks, and you can't repair it. So, except where they would be near useless there, save your rarest materials for the secondary parts, with adding handle modifiers and traits and stuff.
  • With hammers the durability and speed is averaged from the plates and the head but mining level and repair material come from the head alone.
  • Manyullyn may have the highest Damage and Durability, but Cobalt has the highest Mining Speed of any material and is somewhat easier to obtain, while at the same time adding Reinforced 2, consider this when making tools.
  • Netherrack provides Stonebound 1 while at the same time having greater durability than regular stone. It is easy to come by, as 99% of the nether is made out of it.
  • Ardite is a good material for tool rods on mining tools because of its high handle modifier and Stonebound 2 ability.
  • Pig Iron adds the tasty ability. This is useful if you want surprise food from mobs.

Tool Suggestions

Admin's note: This section is open for edits by the community to post tools that are good for specific jobs. This does not mean that incorrect information or poorly made tool lineups will be simply allowed to stay, though, and if a pointless tool is found it will be modified/deleted. Also, please sign each of your tool builds with your signature. This can be added by pushing the signature button while editing or by adding four tildes (~'s).

-Master_Wight 00:13, January 30, 2014 (UTC)

Full Tool Recommendations

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The Monochrome tools of Infinite Durability

There are no greater creation methods for the Lumber Axe and the Excavator than the Monochrome Tools. The Monochrome Tools combine the unique enchanted nature of Obsidian's Reinforced Ability, while combining and abusing the extra modifiers that are granted through use of Paper.

To make the Monochrome Lumber Axe and the Monochrome Excavator is simple, but somewhat resource taxing. You must first forge yourself the Broadaxe Head and/or the Excavator Head out of Molten Obsidian - this will provide you the heads of your tools which will yield Reinforced III. Once this is done, you will need to make yourself the Large Plate, the Tough Binding, and the Tough Rod which are used to assemble the tools.

You will be given a Reinforced III Lumber Axe or Excavator, with very weak durability and a set of 6 additional modifier slots. Do not be deceived as ultimately you are not looking for the Tool to have high durability. All you are looking for is to improve the Reinforced modifier - why have more durability when you can have infinite low durability?

To achieve this end you will need to smelt 7 Obsidian Plates. Combine each of these plates with your tool to improve the Durability modifier by 1 Tier. You will notice that you need 7 Obsidian Plates, and yet only have 6 modifier slots. Naturally, you will also need to create another modifier slot to finish the infinite durability modifier - ultimately if you have the resources it is certainly worth it, never having to repair such a tool again is unfathomably useful!

The reason you would want to create these particular set of tools is because, unlike the Hammer or Pickaxe which you will be actively seeking to improve its speed or haste, a Lumber Axe and an Excavator are working with a variety of woods and earth that simply do not need the hassle of wasting valuable materials like Manyullyn for instance.

  • Resource Breakdown:
  • Obsidian - Each Tool requires 1 Stack of Obsidian to create. You will expend 8 Obsidian creating the Tool's Head, and 56 Obsidian creating the Large Plates to improve the Reinforced Enchantment.
  • Paper - Each Tool requires 14 Paper Stacks to create, which in turn is 56 Paper to craft. You will need 8 Paper Stacks for a Large Plate, and two pairs of 3 Paper Stacks to craft the Tough Rod and the Tough Binding.
  • Additional Modifiers - The final modifier slot can be created either by adding a Block of Gold and a Diamond, a Block of Diamond and an enchanted Golden Apple, a Nether Star, or a Creative Tool Modifier to your tools. This step is required to finish the infinite durability.


Alexdenseje7's longsword!

  • Blade - Manyullyn (Best sword damage)
  • Hand Guard - Paper
  • Tool rod - Thaumium; if you don't have thaumium use manyullyn or paper
  • Modifier, All extra Modifier, Moss ball, or other thing like that, and lots of quartz for giveing it sharpness


Crimlake's Toolset

Hammer: Cobalt Plate, Ardite Plate, Paper Hammer Head, and Manyullyn Tough Tool Rod. (Can sub the cobalt plate for a thaumium plate if you get one, I don't use Thaumcraft so could never afford it)

Paper head allows for an easy diamond to throw on and cover the low mining level, the fact that it's paper provides for nearly free repairs on an end game tool. Throw on full fortune with a gold block + diamond, and if you can afford it, throw a nether star on for another modifier. Stack straight redstone after fortune and a diamond. The ardite plate provides stonebound(faster on low durability) the manyullyn rod provides 10k+ overall durability, paper head gives a modifier to cover the low mining level, but is mostly there for free repairs, cobalt plates give great mining speed boosts, but a thaumium plate, after factoring in the +50 redstone, would be even faster.

Pickaxe: Steel Pickaxe or Alumite, I only keep this around for detailed work(building and misplaced a block, don't wanna hammer a hole in the wall) and for mining out nether ores. Usually leave it in a bag of holding, a maxed out pick would be Cobalt Head - Paper Binding - Thaumium rod, but it wasn't used enough for me to validate making a second one.

Rapier: This is my baby, I love my baby. Manyullyn Sword Blade, Paper Crossbar, Thaumium Tool Rod. Gold Block+Diamond and Nether Star for a total of 7 modifiers. Stack pure quartz on all 7 modifiers. Hits like an angry freight train, and is a god tier weapon that I haven't been able to replace in any modpack.

Scythe: Yes I actually use this, it's not as useful in some modpacks, but in others an iron scythe can be worth more than the manyullyn rapier for standard mobs. I generally use a paper binding, steel head, and manyullyn/steel rods [Edit by PokeMageTech: or if you have thaumcraft, thaumium, with the decent handle moddifier and the extra moddifiers, though don't make two parts out of it, make one part or 3 parts out of it. Don't understand why? Look up material traits!] (If you're playing a modpack where steel isn't as easy to get as 2coal1iron, then replace with Alumite [or thaumium! ~Poke]) and get enough quartz to do 5+ hearts in one hit, then go with whatever, I find a fortune+fire to be ideal, this is my "looting" weapon. In the modpack I'm currently on, the Crackpack via ATLauncher, there are Silverfish hives of literally 20-30+ fish at times. Even with one hit kills, trying to kill that sucks, unless you have AoE weapons. Scythe is god tier for this, nothing can replace it, not to mention they drop silver and emerald nuggets like candy with fortune. Also useful for the swarms of mobs in Roguelike dungeons.

Excavator and Lumberaxe are both fairly standard, Full iron, paper binding, [for more moddifiers, go for some thaumium. But still leave some iron or steel in it for reinforced!] go full redstone on the excavator, toss a diamond on the axe and then go full redstone. I generally grow large farms of Greatwood and Rubber trees, for use in steam dynamos(charcoal) and general IC2 crap, so the lumber axe is the thing I make right after a hammer.

Tip: Be careful on what you make the repairing-piece with(The head, blade, etc), a Manyullyn Hammer Head would perform better than a paper head, but trying to repair that would be a nightmare, as a general rule, I only use expensive materials(Steel/Alumite and up) for heads on weapons or tools that I don't expect to repairs.

Stretch5678's Epic Pick Betty

  • Betty is a speedy pick that doesn't need too much redstone, allowing for extra lapis. Here is how to make her: Make a cobalt pick axe head, a paper or thaumium binding and an Ardite tool rod. Craft them to get a pick with Reinforced II, Stonebound II and four modifier slots. Now add one or two slots of redstone, and one, two or three stacks of lapis, and possibly leaving a slot for another modifier, and complete all modifiers. DO NOT USE MOSS, DIAMOND, EMERALD OR OBSIDIAN PLATE. Now that you have Betty, swing her around a little on some stone. Even without the redstone, she's quick, but with redstone and when her Stonebound II kicks in, she slices through obsidian like a hot knife through butter. Make sure not to repair the old girl all the way so the Stonebound II is always working.

Stretch5678 (talk) 16:17, March 23, 2015 (UTC)Stretch5678

Stretch5678's Flaming Death Longbow

  • The Bow: This Longbow has the strength to kill most mobs in a single shot, lights mobs on fire, is relatively cheap, and has the fire speed to take multiple out quickly. Make two blue slime limbs and a bronze plate. Get any kind of bowstring, but flamestring is kind of moot with the arrows we will make in a bit. Craft the longbow, then add one or two slots of redstone, not too much, then add whatever you want to the other slots. There's not that much you can add. Now you have the bow. But for true pwnage, you need good arrows.
  • The Arrows: The arrows I use are totally sweet, and here's how to make them! First, mash together slime leaf fletching, a blaze rod (for the shaft), and a Manyullyn head. Seriously, if you have a piece of Manyullyn, you can spare it on an arrowhead. You get a boatload of arrows from it and they wreck face. Anyway, after that we add two slots quartz and one slot blaze powder. You can add more, but as is it is enough to one-shot zombies with a satisfying fiery burst. Now you are done.
  • In The Field: This is not a short range weapon. It takes 1-2 seconds to reload fully, but when pulled back it punches through armor and deals massive damage, lighting on fire any mob hapless enough to survive. This thing has enormous range, so don't be afraid to take chances. The arrow recipe makes a lot, so don't worry about wasting them. You can pick them up when you're done. Also, it passes through armor fairly well, so you will find people treat you much better on a server, since, after all, you can punch through their diamond armor and kill them quickly.

Stretch5678 (talk) 16:17, March 23, 2015 (UTC)Stretch5678

WangthePhoenix's Hammer

  • Two Thaumium Plates. An extra modifier and better material than paper. (Replace with paper and add diamond modifier if you don't have Thaumcraft.)
  • Cobalt hammer head.
  • Blue Slime tough rod.

If you are not playing a modpack, add a mossy modifier. If you can, add a flux (battery) modifier. If you want a balanced weaponized tool, (hammers are effective against the undead) add 1 full slot of quartz and one of consecrated soil. With remaining modifier slots, you can add more quartz and/or consecrated soil and redstone and/or lapis. For purely mining, max out with redstone and lapis add auto-smelt or silk touch if you like . The modifiers are only suggestions, add whatever modifiers you want but I highly recommend Flux or Moss (cobalt tools are bothersome to repair.)

Non-Metallic Pick

Obsidian Pick Head Paper/Thaumium Binding Blue/Green Slime Tool Rod Adding the Mossy modifier will help deal with the low head durability of this pick.

Of course, for higher durability without obsidian plates, try:

Slime Pick Head, Obsidian Binding, Manyullyn Tool Rod with Diamond, Emerald, and Mossy modifiers

Poke's Favorite Hammer

Cobalt head, Thaumium tough rod, Paper plates.

  • Reasons: Cobalt: Highest (usefull) mining level, best speed
  • Thaumium rod: decent durability modifier, adds a modifier slot, but it takes 3 thaumium parts (unless the tool only has 2 parts) to get 2 extra modifier slots
  • Paper plates: as far as I know, doesn't affect anything other than appearance and material modifiers, 2 extra modifier slots

Modifiers: {Lava crystal + max fortune} or {silky jewel} (so either way, asuming you have other mods like IC2 or MFR or the like, and not just TC, ThC, and add-ons for those, you'll increase your material output), moss/electric/flux, and atleast one modifier of redstone, or whatever else you want.

Optional, but suggested: moss for auto-repair (can be replaced with capacitor [flux modifier] or RE battery + electric circuit [electric modifier]), emerald* (150% base dur, because 50% more dur.), diamond* (also just more dur), and if you have leftovers, possibly obsidian plates*, and if you have leftovers, feel free to use whatever you want!

*These are if you have some modifiers leftover from putting redstone on it/don't want it insanley fast or want it to last almost forever (base stuff, emerald, and some obsidian plates mean that each cobalt ingot to repair it, when the time finally comes, will be well worth it), use an emerald and obsidian plates on it.

Bedrock Tunneling Hammer

  • 2 Ardite Plates
  • Stone Hammer Head
  • Blue Slime Tough Tool Rod

Add a Diamond and a Silky Jewel. Afterwards you can add a ton of redstone to make it faster or whatever else you want.

Notes: The stone hammer head is so that you may repair it extremely easily and cheap. the diamond raises its mining level enough to take out any ores in the overworld, The silky jewel is so that you can save the ore for processing later due to silk touch. Also I find autosmelt is annoying if mods add smelting recipes for coal and other things. and there is no need for fortune because it grabs the ore block rather than making drops.

Mining Level 8-11 Hammer

  • 2 Paper Plates (or 1 Thaumium plate and 1 paper, if you use 2 thaumium you'll only get 1 extra modifier. See: material stats or Poke's favorite hammer) (additional modifiers)
  • Stone Hammer Head (easy repair) (Stonebound I)
  • Obsidian Tough Tool Rod  (Reinforced III)
  • Modifiers: Haste II, Luck, Diamond I, Reinforced III, Writable II (or writable I thaumic I), Stonebound I
  • Additionally, If you wish to make this faster and don't mind expensive repairs, you can replace the stone head with a Manyullyn,Cobalt, or anything reasonably fast]head and the Diamond modifier with an additional Haste.

Poke's version

  • 1 paper plates (additional modifier), 1 obsidian plate (the rein III from before)
  • Stone head (easy repair) (Stonebound I)
  • Thaumium tough tool rod (other modifier from before, 1.3 dur modifier vs. 0.5 or 0.7)
  • Modifiers: Haste II, Luck, Diamond I, Reinforced III, Writable II (or writable I thaumic I), Stonebound I
  • Additionally, If you wish to make this faster and don't mind expensive repairs, you can replace the stone head with a Manyullyn (Or Cobalt or anything else reasonably fast) head and the Diamond modifier with an additional Haste.

Those last two were just copied down to there. I made this version because it would have more durability, but same stats otherwise. It does, however, require thaumcraft.

VTHERO's version

(Includes Exo Armor)

  • Exo Armor=
  • Armor: +++++++- (Iron Armor)
  • Damage Increase:150%
    • (Modifiers(How much space it takes up))
  • Boots
    • 15% Speed (15)
    • 20% Damage (9)
    • 2.50 Armor (6)
  • Chestplate
    • 40% Damage (24)
    • 2.50 Armor (6)
  • Leggings
    • 45% Damage (27)
    • 1.25 Armor (3)
  • Helmet
    • 45% Damage (27)
    • 1.25 Armor (3)

  • Rapier (Manyullyn) (Obsidian Middle) (Paper Tough Rod)
    • 1.Lava Crystal
    • 2-4.Quartz (8,5 org. atk.) 8,5+8,5+4,25=21,25
    • 5.Flux
    • Reinforced III
  • A rapier and an exo armor with moderately high damage increase, can be very OP, since rapiers ignores armor, you could basically kill someone with increased hearts of any sorts by swinging your rapier 2 or 3 times.
  • Pickaxe (Manyullyn) (Obsidian Middle) (Paper Tough Rod)
    • 1.Lava Crystal
    • 2-4.Lapis (Looting III)
    • 5-6.Redstone (Haste II) 17 Mining Speed
  • Hammer (Cobalt) (Obsidian Middle) (Paper Tough Rod)
    • 1.Silky Jewel
    • 2.Flux
    • 3-5.Redstone (Haste III) 23 Mining Speed
  • Hatchet (Fully Pig Iron) Reinforced III & Tasty III
    • 1.Silky Jewel
    • 2.Diamond (325+500=825 Durability)
    • 3.Ball of Moss
    • 4-5.Redstone (Haste II) 14 Mining Speed
  • Short Bow (Obsidian and Pig Iron Rods) Flamestring (FLAME enchantment)
    • Draw Speed = 1 Second
    • Arrow Speed = 0,7 Seconds
    • Durability = 197
    • 1.Ball of Moss
    • 2.Diamond (197+500=697 Durability)
    • (Reinforced IV & Tasty I)

Wordy's Tools

Now, this set of tools is about making the most out of a modpack with many different mods that add to the Tinkers' experience. These tools were all made in a personal 1.7.10 pack that included Tinkers' Construct, Thermal Expansion, Tinkers' Steelworks (unsure if that affects the viability or not), Metallurgy (with ExtraTiC for mod compatibility) and EnderIO (doesn't add any tinker parts but wireless charging makes RF-powered tools far more convenient) among other mods.

Fastest Practical Pickaxe

The first tool was something I made when I asked myself "what's the fastest pickaxe I could possibly make that is still useful?" It relies on Thermal Expansion and Metallurgy because when you modify a tool to run off of redstone flux, the durability of the materials used is no longer relevant. And looking at the stats of Metallurgy materials, I found out that one material in particular stood out as the fastest while still having an alright mining level: platinum.

The full setup is as follows:

  • Platinum Pickaxe Head (mining speed is 24 according to the wiki, mining level is redstone so it's equivalent to a really souped up iron pick)
  • Paper Tool Binding
  • Paper Tool Rod
  • The best Flux Capacitor you can afford gets one modifier slot (as the latest version of Tinkers' does in fact take the type of capacitor into account when it comes to the flux modifier, I decided to put a resonant capacitor on mine so it would be sure to last through any mining expedition)
  • I used the rest of the slots for redstone but you can dedicate one or two to whatever modifiers you need this tool for (obviously mossy is unnecessary if you're running it off of rf)

Making Use of King Slime Weapons

A friend who went out exploring came back having killed two king slimes, and one of the drops he got was a King Slime Cleaver. While I'm not yet familliar with cleavers in general, the King Slime Cleaver was the most damaging weapon I'd ever layed my hands on, and it had three slots to make it even better. This is how I modified it:

  • A Flux Capacitor (I went for a smaller one than my pickaxe because it was going to see far less use than the pickaxe was)
  • Lapis (up to looting 3)
  • Nether Quartz

DoTheWordyThing (talk) 11:06, October 9, 2014 (UTC)

DavetenoMorpher3237's Epic Cleaver of DOOM!

First, make a Manyullyn Large Sword Blade. Get two paper tool rods and a paper large plate. Then, for modifiers, put on a Block of Gold, Diamond, Block of Diamond, Notch Apple, and a Nether Star. Next, put on more than a stack of Blocks of Quartz, and a Ball of Moss (if you want). BAM! Without the Ball of Moss, it does +50 Attack Damage! :-)

Diamondslime500's Most Efficient Crossbow(1.7.10+)

Parts:mannyullyn crossbow body,Bronze crossbow limb,Alumite or steel tough binding,and the special string.

making the crossbow with this parts you need to put only 2 modifiers:Ball of Moss,redstone(lapis if you want)

the crossbow max damage is 15,4 in total.

BONUS:best Bolt:

mannyullyn blue slime bolt core+Slime Leaves=336 bolts

Demogarose's Sniper Rifle and Machine Gun (Crossbows)

The Bow: Cobalt Crossbow Limb + Blue Slime Crossbow Body (Alternatively you can use Taumium if Thaumcraft is installed for another modifier) + Paper Tough Binding (Cobalt has a higher arrow speed and lower draw speed than Manyullyn)

Avoid using an Enchanted Bowstring from Thaumcraft, it will lower the overall damage and the whole point is to do massive damage per shot

The Bolts: Paper tool rod with Manyullyn tip + Slimeleaf Fletching

put what you want on the Bow but the Bolts will NEED Moss on them in addition to all the quartz you can load up on (this is because the paper tool rod will result in a low ammo count)

Reasoning: the Cobalt limb + manyullyn bolt tips adds up to a ton of damage, paper is lightweight and Writable (allowing you to add Moss without sacrificing Quartz) Slimeleaf fletching offers greater ammo count and accuracy. With the damage, light bolt weight, and arrow speed, this thing really is a Sniper Rifle


Cobalt Limb, Thaumium Body, Enchanted Bowstring, Paper Binding

Bolts: Thaumium tool rod, Manyullyn Tip, Slimeleaf Fletching

Modifiers: Moss on both, then load as much Redstone as possible onto the crossbow. With all extra modifiers added, this should take the Draw speed down to about 1/2 a second, allowing you to simply hold down right-click and fire continuously. Put whatever mods you like on the bolts

Anon Tools

 My Pickaxe

Cobalt head Paper binding Blue slime rod


Nether star Diamond and gold block Diamond and Golden Apple 350 Redstone Auto smelter Luck Moss Flux or battery

Madholy's Toolset

The Cutlass: Steel Sword Blade + Thaumium Full Guard + Manyullyn Tool Rod

The Cutlass is quite a cool and unique weapon but can be hard to make in certain cases (you must find a village with a Full Guard Pattern in the Pattern Chest in the Tinkers' building). The reasoning behind this particular build though is the Manyullyn Tool Rod has the highest Handle Modifier. The Thaumium Full Guard adds an extra Modifier, but unlike the other sword guards the Full Guard also affects the overall Durability and that is why it will is more beneficial to use Thaumium over Paper as it provides a higher Durability factor. The Sword Blade was a bit more of a personal choice. You could you Manylluyn for the Sword Blade if you want as it will increase the overall Durability more than Steel would but both still have the same attack damage but since Steel has Reinforced II as a Material Trait and is much easier to get in my modpack than Manyullyn, that is why I have chosen it. Modified with purely quartz will put it up to +30 Attack Damage.


The Scythe: Steel Scythe Head + Thaumium/Paper Tough Binding + Thaumium Tough Rod + Manyullyn Tough Rod

The Scythe Is another very unique tool which although not very strong as a weapon strength-wise, but it becomes very useful for dealing with hordes of mobs thanks to it's 3x3 AoE. A Steel Scythe Head is good because it deals just as much damage as a Manyullyn one, but in most modpacks it's a lot easier to obtain. The Choice of material for the Binding was to allow another Modifier slot, but if you really wanted you could choose something like obsidian for Reinforced III, I found this redundant because Steel already gives Reinforced II. Manyullyn is the best Material to use for a Tough Rod (excluding Metallurgy metals) as it provides the highest Handle Modifier i.e best overall durability but the reason for a Thaumium Tough Rod aswell instead of two Manyullyn Rods was to allow another Modifier slot. The Modifiers I have equipped onto my Scythe include: Pistons which grant the Knockback ability, offering escape alternatives when fighting hordes. The Necrotic Modifier because it works very well for healing because of the Scythe's 3x3 AoE. Auto-Smelt and Luck because it is still a farming tool so those modifiers allow for auto-cooking of food such as steak and potatoes and more drops of food items. And finally I've added the Sharpness and Fiery Modifier to help with additional damage.


Mining Hammer: Cobalt Hammer Head + Paper Large Plate + Ardite Large Plate + Thaumium Tough Rod

Basic build, Cobalt Hammer Head for Mining Speed and Level (at the cost of sorta expensive repairs; ruled out by Modifying it with a Flux Capacitor.) An Ardite Large Plate to give decent Mining Speed and Attack, while also providing Stonebound II. A Paper Large Plate for an extra Modifier slot and a Thaumium Tough Rod also for another Modifier slot and provides a good enough Handle Modifier to allow the Hammer to be Modified with a Redstone Flux Capacitor, allowing 10x more RF storage on the tool than the Hardened Flux Capacitor. I Modified this with 1 slot of Lapis Lazuli, a Redstone Flux Capacitor and the remainder of Modifier slots filled with Redstone.


Javelin: Manyullyn Arrowhead + Paper Tough Rod + Manyullyn Tough Rod

Some may think a Javelin isn't all that good but if you take full advantage of it's throwing feature, it can still be quite deadly in a battle. (Though will probably require quite a lot of Manyullyn to maintain.) The reasoning for it to be made from mostly Manyullyn is simply because it gives the most Damage and Durability. The reason for the Paper Tough Rod however is I noticed that the rod placed in the middle on the tool station (Underneath the Arrowhead and above the other Tough Rod) doesn't affect Damage or Durability so it practically acts as a tool binding and since reinforced doesn't affect ammo count, an extra Modifier is the perfect choice.


My Crossbow: Green Slime Crossbow Limb + Fiery Bowstring + Paper Tough Binding + Manyullyn Crossbow Body

I've put alot of time into crafting this Crossbow (and the Bolts to suit) and this is what I've come up with. The Green Slime Crossbow Limb has good Draw Speed and Arrow Speed which allows for a very fast firing (but still heavily damage) onslaught. (Also makes for easy repairs when living in/near a swamp.) The Fiery Bowstring adds Reinforced 1 while also increasing overall Durability and Arrow Speed at the cost of slightly increased Draw Speed, which is fine since it's still only 1/10th of a second of being the fastest possible. Paper Tough Binding is to give another modifier slot for Redstone. And finally the Manyullyn Crossbow Body is for Durability, which from what I've tested is the only piece that affects Durability (besides the Bowstring) but also doesn't affect anything else. After Stacking all 7 modifier slots with Redstone it's Draw Speed will be 0.35 meaning you can fire this bad boy almost 3 times per second!!! (If you want some real power at the expense of slow Draw Speed swap of the Green Slime Crossbow Limb for a Steel one, it will deal 74 hearts of damage, but have a reload time of 3.7 seconds) 


The Bolts: Manyullyn Bolt Tip + Slimeleaf Fletching + Blue Slime Tool Rod

These Bolts are the perfect companion for the Crossbow listed above. Manyullyn Tips provide the most damage, Blue Slime Tool Rod provides the most durability and the Slimeleaf Fletching provides a good balance of Durability and Accuracy leaving the Bolts having a total Ammo Capacity of 336 and an Accuracy of 95%. (Using a normal Leaf Fletching will increase Durability to 600, but decrease accuracy to 83.5%, and I'm all about those super long-ranged kills.) stacking all 5 modifier slots will quartz and using the Crossbow mentioned above will give a total of 56.5 hearts of damage per hit. INSANE!!! (Currently Accuracy doesn't seem to attribute anything, firing both Slimeleaf Bolts and Leaf Bolts were landing in the exact same spot.  Possible Bug)

PitothePowerof3's Shurikens

Basic materials:

2 blue slime shuriken blades and 2 paper shuriken blades

When you craft the actual shurikens, make sure the repair material is paper for super cheap repairs. The combination of slime and paper gives you 154 ammo and 5 modifier slots.


Quartz. Lots of quartz. When maxed out (without additional modifiers), it does from 5 to 9.5 hearts of damage. When maxed out with additional modifiers, it does from 7.5 to 14. While that might not be much compared to something like manyullyn, you can throw them super quickly and they fly farther than other materials. ~~~~

Bobblybook's Shurikens


  • Paper
  • Thaumium (Thaumcraft - replace with paper if not available)
  • Pink slime x2 (MFR)

In the modpack I am using, this appears to be the best shuriken available. The highest base damage material is TE's "Shiny Metal" at 4 hearts, but even that is less damage than an additional two modifiers' worth of quartz.

This shuriken has a stack size of 277 - if you can do with less, you can swap out one of the slime blades for another paper. With full quartz modifiers though, the damage is insane and I'd rather have the higher stack size at that point.

A second thaumium blade does NOT give an additional modifier currently - thaumium appears to give additional modifiers at a single thaumium blade, and again at three thaumium blades. Paper on the other hand gives +1 modifier per paper blade, but lower durability (ammo stack size) than thaumium. Therefore the best option is to use slime + paper blades, and substitute one paper blade for a thaumium.


  • Moss (optional)
  • The rest: Quartz

Moss optional for self-repair, and a lot of quartz for added damage. You can squeeze on more quartz by removing moss, but I don't see a need to. Once the Quartz starts stacking up near maximum, you will one-shot most mobs.

If you prefer to not use a moss ball, be sure to craft the shurikens with the paper blade in the top-most slot (so your repair material is paper).

Evonix's light speed fancy hammer

Variant one: This version is slower but has a high mining level, decent durability and a cheapish repair material. 2 electrum (platinum if you have it) plates for speed, a cobalt head for mining level, durability and almost as much speed, a ardite handle for 2.0 health multiplier and huge additional stonebound multiplier or thaumium for the extra modifire, 2 full redstone modifiers for speed and 1 lapis for luck.

Variant 2: Gotta go fast. paper handle(thaumium is better I think or maybe ardite,needs research if you find out put it here" "), everything else electrum (Platinum if you have it) and all modifiers redstone.

Variant 3: fast as Lightning. Same as 2 but one of the modifiers is a Electric Circuit+RE Battery or flux capacitor when at one durability.(I think that keeps the stonebound multiplier.)

Note: These go much faster when damaged so don't fully repair them...

TheCloverLord's Lord High Executioner (needs ThaumCraft)

Parts Required: -Manyullyn Large Sword Blade -Paper Large Pate -Tough Tool Rods (one Thaumium, one manyullyn) Modifiers: -All Extra Modifiers -Blaze Powder -Moss Ball -Quartz (to fill up the rest of the modifiers)\ This sword should do +50 damage including fire damage, and kills a King Slime in 2 or 3 hits.

Bacon's Gatling Bow

(Tested to be better than a Draconic staff of power with killing withers!)

Mods Required: Thaumcraft, Natura, Thermal Foundation, Extra TiC.

Parts Required:

Crossbow: Signalium CrossBow Limb. Thaumium Tough Binding and Bow body, Flame String Bow String

Bolts: Slime leaf Fletching, Enderium Tipped Manyullyn.


Crossbow: Autorepair, Sharpness (For Endermen)

Bolts: Auto repair 2, Emerald, Sharpness (add all modifiers).

(If there is no Natura, use normal bow string.)

Admiralrandom's Very/Kind of Expensive Bow + Crossbow


This is basically my version of Bacon's Gatling Bow:

You will need: Signalum Crossbow Limb (Thermal Foundation/Expansion, not sure which, with Extra TiC for compatibility), Thaumium (or paper without Thaumcraft) tough binding, Unstable Induced Crossbow body (not sure if you can get that legitimately, Extra Utilities), and Fiery Bowstring (Natura)

Add a diamond+gold block, diamond block+golden apple, and a nether star (for 3 extra modifier slots), then add 6 obsidian plates and a full slot of quartz. (6 obsidian plates makes this bow unbreakable, feel free to use less plates and/or quartz and add a flux capacitor or moss ball.)

Bolts: Manyullyn tool rod with Enderium (put Mannyullyn tool rod in a casting table, melt some Enderium, and pour it on the tool rod[Enderium is from Thermal Foundation/Expansion, again I don't know which, but I think it also requires Extra TiC]) and slimeleaf fletching.

Add 2 moss balls, 3 modifier slots (see above for how), and fill the rest of the slots with quartz.(Again, not all the quartz is necessary.)

This crossbow should deal 130.2 damage per bolt.


There will be two bows: a shortbow and a longbow.

Shortbow: 2 Signalum Bow Limbs and Fiery Bowstring.

The modifier section isn't complete for the bows yet. Add 1 moss ball.

Longbow: 2 Signalum Bow Limbs, Unstable Induced Large Plate, and Fiery Bowstring.

Again, the modifier section isn't complete. Add 1 moss ball.

Arrows: Enderium Arrow Head, Blaze Rod (For maximum arrows, use sugarcane instead, the fire is probably useless due to the strength of these arrows, even without quartz, the shortbow does 69 damage[NOT ON PURPOSE] and the longbow does 112.4 damage. I think the flame enchantment also works on these bows, plus most mobs with enough health to survive a shot from these bows [Ender Dragon and Wither Boss are vanilla examples] don't take fire damage), Slimeleaf Fletching

Add 2 moss balls, 3 modifier slots (you should know how by now), and I guess fill the rest of the slots with quartz.

These bows are very fast. The shortbow has a draw time of 0.1 seconds and the longbow and cross bow have draw times of 0.25 seconds. All are the fastest draw times possible. They also work as melee weapons (I know, there's the javelin)

One last note: By damage, I mean half-hearts, or HP. I damage = 1 HP taken down. You probably also know why I call these expensive (unless you're Bill Gates or someone like that [I am not trying to offend rich people]).


You're probably wondering "Why is there a scythe in here? Isn't this a tool recommendation for bows and a crossbow?" Well, you're right. But I'm still putting this here because I feel like it.

You will need: Enderium Scythe Head, Paper Tough Binding, Thaumium Tough Rod (ThaumCraft), and Unstable Induced Tough Rod.

Modifiers: People don't realize this (I'm not sure about the statistics), but you can add enchantments to TinkerConstruct tools. So instead of using lapis, I added the Looting III and Fortune III enchantments to this. I also added Sharpness V just for that extra bit of damage. Add 3 extra modifier slots, 1 moss ball, 1 necrotic bone (for LifeSteal), and fill the rest with quartz. ~~~~

Blueboy0807's Minigun (Crossbow)

Signalum crossbow limb, manyullyn crossbow body, thaumium tough binding, and enchanted bowstring. This has a draw speed of 0.15, breaking the hard cap! ~~~~

Porky's Multi-tool

A mattock with steel/manyullyn tool heads and a blue slime rod, the modifiers used are 1x Moss and 2x Redstone. It can cut down trees in no-time, is used for farming and has 8 attack damage, this together with the fact that it is nearly unbreakable makes it a good choice.

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