Crafting a Pattern in the player grid

Patterns are the first thing anyone should craft when using Tinkers' Construct. They are crafted in a 2x2 space from 2 sticks diagonally, and two wood planks in the opposite diagonals. This will, contrary to the image to the side, create four patterns. To modify your patterns once they are created, you must place them in the Stencil Table, where you can select the pattern you are interested in using from a list. The stencil table is made from a pattern on top, and a wood plank below it. The table will change patterns depending on the color of wood you use, so long as it is not acacia or dark oak. In some versions, the Pattern chest will come with some patterns in it when first placed. The pattern chest is made from a blank pattern on top, and a chest below.

List of Patterns

  • Grid Blank Pattern Blank Pattern
  • Pick Head Pattern
  • Shovel Head Pattern
  • Axe Head Pattern
  • Sword Blade Pattern
  • Pan Pattern
  • Board Pattern
  • Knife Blade Pattern
  • Arrow Head Pattern
  • Chisel Head Pattern
  • Tool Rod Pattern
  • Tool Binding Pattern
  • Wide Guard Pattern
  • Hand Guard Pattern
  • Crossbar Pattern
  • Fletching Pattern
  • Bowstring Pattern
  • Hammer Head Pattern
  • Broad Axe Head Pattern
  • Broad Shovel Head Pattern
  • Large Blade Pattern
  • Scythe Head Pattern
  • Tough Rod Pattern
  • Tough Binding Pattern
  • Large Plate Pattern
  • Full Guard Pattern*

*Note: In some versions, Full Guard Pattern can only be found in a village Tinker house

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