Mod Vanilla
Description Tough as nails, but fragile when shaped.
Requires Smeltery? No
Durability 89
Full Tool Durability 71
Handle Modifier 0.8x
Mining Level 3
Mining Speed 7.0
Base Attack 1
Material Trait Reinforced III

Obsidian is a naturally occurring material and can be used to create Obsidian Tools.



Molten Obsidian

Tinkers' Construct Smeltery GUI.png

Grid Obsidian

288 mB

650 C

Smeltery Liquid Obsidian

Casting Basin


Tinkers' Construct Basin GUI.png

Basin Liquid Obsidian

288 mB

Grid Obsidian

Alloy Smeltery

Molten Obsidian

Tinkers' Construct Alloy Smeltery GUI.png
Smeltery Liquid Water
Smeltery Liquid Lava
Smeltery Liquid Obsidian

NOTE: Lava and Water can be placed in the smeltery by right-clicking on a smeltery drain with the appropriate bucket, or by using buildcraft-compatible pipes

Obsidian Ingots

Obsidian Ingots are created when Molten Obsidian is poured from the Smeltery into an Ingot cast.

Obsidian Ingots can be used to create new Ingot casts.


9 Obsidian Nuggets can be put into a Crafting Table to create an Obsidian Ingot, and vice-versa.

When a Chisel is used on Obsidian ingots, an Obsidian Brick is created. When used again on the Brick, a Fancy Obsidian Brick is created.

In Tool Parts

Obsidian has one of the lowest durabilities of any material. It also has the Reinforced III trait, which gives a 30% chance of not using durability. Combined with Diamond and Emerald, it is one of the best pickaxe heads. It can be used for Tool Rods, to give Reinforced III, but is one of the very worst bow materials.


  • It is more efficient to put obsidian in the smeltery since its ingot value is doubled.
  • Despite being the hardest block available in survival, Obsidian does not make good tools. This is referenced in its description in Materials and You: Volume 1.