Empty Grid
Grid Netherrack
Mod Vanilla
Description This is made of what?!
Stackable Yes (64)
Smeltery? No
Handle Modifier 0.85x
Mining Level Grid Iron Ore Iron
Mining Speed 4.5
Durability See durability
Full Tool Durability See durability
Base Attack 3
Material Trait(s) Aridiculous (Head)
Hellish (All)

Netherrack is a vanilla Minecraft block found natively in the Nether. It is mostly found everywhere in the Nether, and can be mined quickly with any pickaxe. If the top of a Netherrack block is set on fire, the fire will not burn itself out nor destroy the Netherrack.

Netherrack can't be smelted. Netherrack parts can be made through Part Builder.