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All Tinker's Construct tools can be modified to allow for certain upgrades. They are listed below (and in the Materials and You book you receive in-game). Applying any of the below modifiers takes up one modifier slot, for which most tools have a default of three maximum.

Modifier Types

Additional Modifiers, Level 1

Book Text Working the tool with a block of gold and a diamond makes the tool more malleable, allowing for more modification.
Resource 1 Diamond, 1 Block of Gold
  • Adds an additional modifier slot to the tool
  • Single use

Additional Modifiers, Level 2

Book Text Attaching a solid gold apple and encrusting the tool with a block of diamond warps the tool in places you did not notice before
Resource 1 Enchanted Golden Apple, 1 Block of Diamond
  • Adds an additional modifier slot to the tool
  • Single use

Additional Modifiers, Level 3

Book Text Working the tool with a nether star gives it the ability to attach parts they would not otherwise stay.
Resource 1 Nether Star
  • Adds an additional modifier slot to the tool
  • Single use


Book Text Adding a larg glob of gold and a bunch of string seems to give the tool silky-smooth properties.
Resource 1 Silky Jewel
  • Allows blocks to be harvested directly
  • Not compatible with Luck or Auto-Smelt
  • Single use


Book Text Encrusting lapis on tools is a gift to the gods of luck. They will bless your tool with great fortune and loot.
Resource Lapis Lazuli
  • Adds fortune or looting
  • Tool use has a chance to increase the luck
  • Adding more lapis only uses one modifier
  • Not compatible with Silky


Book Text Adding blaze powder to a tool gives it a fiery tinge. The weapon's edges look like embers. Sadly not bright enough to be a light source.
Resource Blaze Powder
  • Sets enemies on fire
  • Deals additional fire damage on hit
  • Multiple levels


Book Text You can use Quartz to sharpen and hone the edge of weapons. The more Quartz is used the better you can sharpen the blade. Works with blunt items as well.
Resource Nether Quartz
  • Increases attack damage
  • Different weapons scale differently
  • Multiple levels


Book Text Working an ender pearl and some obsidian on a weapon has the curious effect of separating the target's head from its body. Just a little off the top?
Resource 1 Ender Pearl, 1 Obsidian
  • Enemies drop their heads
  • Adding more Obsidian and Ender Pearls increases the chance of decapitation
  • Multiple levels


Book Text Adding a diamond to the edge of a tool makes it more resilient and increases what the tool can mine. Also makes a fetching fashion statement.
Resource 1 Diamond
  • Extra durability
  • Minor stat increase
  • Mining level increased to Obsidian
  • Single use
  • Fabulous!


Book Text Adding an obsidian plate to the tool seems to help with its durability, making it stronger.
Resource 1 Obsidian Plate
  • Adds a chance to not consume durability
  • Stacks with previous levels of Reinforced
  • Multiple levels


Book Text Harder, better, faster, stronger! Applies the same mining level of the material used to the tool.
Resource ?
  • Increases Mining level
  • Mining Level depends on material used
  • Can also downgrade level
  • Requires no modifier


Book Text Empower your tool with the ability of a Shulker. Hit enemies to render them powerless in midair.
Resource Popped Chorus Fruit
  • Each point increases floating duration
  • Causes enemies to float away
  • Hilarious
  • Single level


Book Text Adding redstone to a tool seems to increase its speed. Redstone. Crazy stuff, amiright?
Resource Redstone
  • Each redstone dust increases mining speed by a small amount
  • Increases attack speed
  • Multiple levels


Book Text Placing the bone of a Wither Skeleton on a tool gives it nefarious life-stealing powers.
Resource Necrotic Bone
  • Heal when dealing damage
  • Add more bones to increase the heal
  • Multiple levels

Harvest Width

Book Text Have you ever wished your tool could affect a wider area? Now it can!
Resource 1 Expander (Horizontal)
  • Increases the width of the area affected
  • Only affects blocks
  • Does not work for weapons
  • Can be combined with Height++


Book Text Affixing an emerald to a tool's weakest point makes it especially resilient and fabulous. Villagers may also covet your tool, be wary.
Resource 1 Emerald
  • 50% durability increase
  • Mining level increased to Iron
  • Single use
  • Outrageous!


Book Text The raw power of consecrated soil empowers your weapon, smiting enemies from on high.
Resource Consecrated Soil
  • Deals massive damage to undead enemies
  • Multiple levels

Harvest Height

Book Text Have you ever wished your tool could affect a higher area? Now it can!
Resource 1 Expander (Vertical)
  • Increases the height of the area affected
  • Only affects blocks
  • Does not work for weapons
  • Can be combined with Width++


Book Text A perfect match. You love your tool. Not even death can part you from it.
Resource 1 Nether Star
  • Tool remains in your inventory after death
  • Single use
  • Does NOT require a modifier

Mending Moss

Book Text Some moss has grown on the worn out edges of your tool. Enchanting it with some XP causes it to fuse with the tool, restoring it gradually.
Resource Mending Moss
  • Stores XP picked up
  • Max. Amount stored increases with modifier level
  • Slowly repairs the tool over time
  • Has to be in hotbar or offhand to repair
  • Multiple levels


Book Text All those sticky spider webs have to be good for something. Slow your enemies with them!
Resource Cobweb
  • Each level increases slow duration
  • Slow-motion
  • Multi level


Book Text Attaching a piston to the tool and activating it at the right time seems to throw mobs further away.
Resource 1 Piston (or Stick Piston)
  • Adds extra knockback
  • Each piston increases the knockback distance
  • Multiple levels


Book Text Some glowstone and a magical ender eye. Obviously this sees the light level.
Resource 2 Glowstone, 1 Eye of Ender
  • Places a lightsource on low light level
  • Costs durability

Bane Of Arthopods

Book Text Striking a spider with its own eyeball causes it to recoil in fear. Got a pest problem? Here is the solution. Kills bugs dead.
Resource Fermented Spider Eye
  • Deals massive damage to spiders and silverfish
  • Multiple levels
Precision Tools Pickaxe · Shovel · Hatchet
Broad Mining Tools Hammer · Lumber Axe · Excavator
Multitools Mattock
Melee Weapons Broadsword · Longsword · Rapier · Dagger
Broad Melee Weapons Scythe
Heavy Melee Weapons Cleaver · Battleaxe
Ranged Weapons Dagger
Ranged Projective Launchers Shortbow
Ammunition Arrow
Lethal Joke Weapons Battlesign
Utility Tools Chisel
Other Frying Pan

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