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AlloysAluminumAluminum Brass
Arrow HeadAxe HeadBacon
Ball of MossBane of PigsBarricade
BattleaxeBattlesignBlank Cast
Blank PatternBlaze PowderBlocks
BloodBlood ChannelBlue Slime
Blue Slime BrickBoltBone
Bone BrickBounce PadBow Limb
BowstringBroad Axe HeadBroadsword
BronzeCactusCasting Basin
Casting ChannelCasting TableCasts
ChangelogChiselChisel Head
Clear GlassClear Glass/RecipeCleaver
CobaltCompatible ModsCongealed Green Slime
Congealed SlimeConsecrated SoilCopper
Crafting StationCrossbowCrossbow Body
Crossbow LimbCutlassDagger
Decoration BlocksDiamondDiamond Brick
Diary of a TinkerDrawbridgeDrying Rack
EmeraldEmpty CanisterEndstone Brick
FlintFrying PanFuture Content
Gelatinous SlimeGetting StartedGlue
Glue BlockGoldGravel
Gravel OresGraveyard SoilGreen Slime (Crystal)
Hammer HeadHand GuardHardened Glass
HatchetIgniterIguana Tweaks For Tinkers' Construct
JavelinJerkyJeweled Apple
King SlimeKnapsackKnife Blade
LandmineLapis BrickLarge Plate
Lava CrystalLimoniteLiquid Ender
Liquified EmeraldLongbowLongsword
LuckLumber AxeMB
ManyullynMaterial StatsMaterials and You: Volume 1
Materials and You: Volume 2MattockMending Moss
Mighty SmeltingMiniature HeartsModifiers
Necrotic BoneNetherrackObsidian
Ore GenerationOreberry BushesPaper
Paper StackPart BuilderPattern Chest
Punji StickRandom StreamerRapier
Red Heart CanisterRedstone BrickRedstone Dust
Rough BrownstoneSDXSandstone Brick
ScytheSeared BrickSeared Bricks
Seared FaucetSeared GlassSeared Stone
Seared TankSeared WindowSharpening Kit
Shuriken BladeSilky ClothSilky Jewel
Slab FurnaceSlime BallSlime Brick
Slime Brick/RecipeSlime ChannelSlime Crystal
Slime IslandSlime WaterSlimy Leaf
Slimy MudSlimy SaplingSlimy Tree
SmelterySmeltery ControllerSmeltery Drain
Starting BlocksSteelStencil Table
StoneStone LadderStone Torch
StringSword BladeThaumium
Throwing KnifeTinTinker Table
Tinkers' Construct WikiTinkers' WeaponryTinkers Mechworks
Tool CraftingTool ForgeTool Parts
Tool RodsTool StationTool Workshop
Traveller's GearVillage TinkererWide Guard
WoodWooden BootsWooden Chestplate
Wooden HelmetWooden LeggingsWool Slabs
Yellow Heart Canisters

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