AlloysAluminumAluminum Brass
Arrow HeadAxe HeadBacon
Ball of MossBane of PigsBarricade
BattleaxeBattlesignBlank Cast
Blank PatternBlaze PowderBlocks
BloodBlood ChannelBlue Slime
Blue Slime BrickBoltBone
Bone BrickBounce PadBow Limb
BowstringBroad Axe HeadBroadsword
BronzeCactusCasting Basin
Casting ChannelCasting TableCasts
ChangelogChiselChisel Head
Clear GlassClear Glass/RecipeCleaver
CobaltCompatible ModsCongealed Green Slime
Congealed SlimeConsecrated SoilCopper
Crafting StationCrossbowCrossbow Body
Crossbow LimbCutlassDagger
Decoration BlocksDiamondDiamond Brick
Diary of a TinkerDrawbridgeDrying Rack
EmeraldEmpty CanisterEndstone Brick
FlintFrying PanFurnace
Future ContentGelatinous SlimeGetting Started
GlueGlue BlockGold
GravelGravel OresGraveyard Soil
Green Slime (Crystal)GroutHambone
HammerHammer HeadHand Guard
Hardened GlassHatchetIgniter
Iguana Tweaks For Tinkers' ConstructInfiMinerIron
Jeweled AppleKing SlimeKnapsack
Knife BladeLandmineLapis Brick
Large PlateLava CrystalLimonite
Liquid EnderLiquified EmeraldLongbow
LongswordLuckLumber Axe
MBManyullynMaterial Stats
Materials and You: Volume 1Materials and You: Volume 2Mattock
Mending MossMighty SmeltingMiniature Hearts
ModifiersNecrotic BoneNetherrack
ObsidianOre GenerationOreberry Bushes
PaperPaper StackPart Builder
Pattern ChestPatternsPickaxe
PigironPunji StickQuestions and Answers
Random StreamerRapierRed Heart Canister
Redstone BrickRedstone DustRough Brownstone
SDXSandstone BrickScythe
Seared BrickSeared BricksSeared Faucet
Seared GlassSeared StoneSeared Tank
Seared WindowSharpening KitShortbow
ShovelShurikenShuriken Blade
Silky ClothSilky JewelSlab Furnace
Slime BallSlime BrickSlime Brick/Recipe
Slime ChannelSlime CrystalSlime Island
Slime WaterSlimy LeafSlimy Mud
Slimy SaplingSlimy TreeSmeltery
Smeltery ControllerSmeltery DrainStarting Blocks
SteelStencil TableStone
Stone LadderStone TorchString
Sword BladeThaumiumThrowing Knife
TinTinker TableTinkers' Construct Wiki
Tinkers' WeaponryTinkers MechworksTool Crafting
Tool ForgeTool PartsTool Rods
Tool StationTool WorkshopTraveller's Gear
Village TinkererWide GuardWood
Wooden BootsWooden ChestplateWooden Helmet
Wooden LeggingsWool SlabsYellow Heart Canisters

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