A green fluid that acts like lava.


Liquefied Emerald can be obtained by smelting Emeralds , Emerald Blocks and Villagers in the Smeltery. Villagers will produce 1 nugget worth of Liquefied Emerald for every tick of damage taken.


Liquefied Emerald can be Alloyed with Blood and Iron to produce Pig Iron, or poured into a Casting Basin to produce Emerald Blocks.


If you are melting villagers, you need to have a molten substance in the smeltery(*), otherwise the villagers will not take damage. Liquified Emerald and Liquid Glass will not work.

Notes & Tips

  • (*)make sure that this substance is at the top of your smeltery so that it won't get poured out, thereby rendering your setup useless.
  • An Auto-Spawner from MineFactory Reloaded, or a villager breeding cell set up to drop villagers into the smeltery is an extremely effective way to mass-produce emeralds

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