This is a molten metal from Nevermine 2: Advent of Ascension  This ore can be found in large veins. I found out about this liquid through FTB Cloud 9. In order for this metal to be added, you need ExtraTiC mod. Limonite can also be used in normal tools' crafting recipies (such as a Limonite Sword). The damage modifier of the tool rod is 1x. It does not add any abilities (like Stonebound and Reinforced). The normal durability for a tool with a limonite head is 279 durability. The Shortbow with full Limonite can shoot a few blocks further than a vanilla bow. Its drawback is 1.7s, which is probably useful with mossy. Binding a slime Pickaxe with this material is not a smart nor efficie
Limonite Ore

Limonite in its ore form.Limonite_Ore.png

nt move for "mid-game tools".

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