Jerky is a food item in Tinkers' Construct.


There are several types of jerky, types being: Beef, Bacon, Fish, Chicken, and Monster. You get jerky by placing the raw meat on a Drying Rack and waiting five minutes.Mutton Jerky can also be made if a mod is added which has an item registered in the Forge Ore Dictionary as "Mutton" (ex., Pam's HarvestCraft, Better Foods Mod, etc.) If cooked Steak is put on a drying rack it will create leather.


Jerky has the same hunger-replenishment as its cooked counterparts, but has more saturation value. Additionally, Monster Jerky (jerky-fied rotten flesh) doesn't cause the hunger debuff. Monster jerky may be a reference to Don't Starve by Klei entertainment, as it has the same name, and similar appearance, but is brownish-orange instead of purple.

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