Frying Pans are tools that not only can be used to attack, but also place a block version of itself, which originally looked like a frying pan using the iron block texture. In more recent updates the color of the texture changes to match the material the pan is made out of. The frying pan acts like a furnace but can smelt multiple food items at once, using only wood, not coal. Cooking with the frying pan does not use its durability. Frying pans can be made in either a tool forge or a tool station, except for the Bane of Pigs, which is only acquirable through creative mode or inventory editors. The parts required to make a frying pan are:

Picture of Frying Pan

Pan head

Tool rod (normal)

  • Their abilities are:
  • Place Item
  • Bonus Knockback
  • Slow target on hit

Damage: High Damage
VS. unarmored Skeletons

Durability: Low
Weapons Spawned Creatively
No Modifications

Material Damage
Wood 2
Stone 3
Iron 4
Flint 4
Cactus 4
Bone 3
Obsidian 4
Netherrack 3
Green Slime 2
Paper 2
Cobalt 5
Manyullyn 6
Ardite 5
Copper 4
Bronze 4
Alumite 5
Blue Slime 2
Steel 5

Table above tested in Donkey Pack (TConstruct_1.6.4_1.5.0d12.1)

Precision Tools Pickaxe · Shovel · Hatchet
Broad Mining Tools Hammer · Lumber Axe · Excavator
Multitools Mattock
Melee Weapons Broadsword · Longsword · Rapier · Dagger
Broad Melee Weapons Scythe
Heavy Melee Weapons Cleaver · Battleaxe
Ranged Weapons Dagger
Ranged Projective Launchers Shortbow
Ammunition Arrow
Lethal Joke Weapons Battlesign
Utility Tools Chisel
Other Frying Pan

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