Mod Vanilla
Description More durable than stone. The material of choice for cavemen.
Requires Smeltery? No
Durability 171
Full Tool Durability 120
Handle Modifier 0.7x
Mining Level 1
Mining Speed 5.25
Base Attack 1
Material Trait (None)

Flint is a vanilla Minecraft item, used by TC to make tools.


To get Flint, gravel must be broken, and will eventually drop Flint instead of itself. The percent chance of dropping flint can be increased by using Fortune.


A full Flint tool without modifiers will have a durability of 250, a mining speed of 5.25, a mining level of Iron or 1 (meaning it can mine Iron Ore), and an attack value of 1. As a handle, it will lower the durability by 3/10.


  • The shard of flint is a Flint Shard

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