Fletchings are a tool part used to make Arrows and Bolts. They cannot be made from most normal tool materials. They can be made from Feathers, Leaves, Green/Blue Slime, or Slimy Leaves.

Applying a fletching to a tipped bolt

In this case I'm going to use a feather fletching to a stone bolt tipped with Limonite

1. Make a Fletcher pattern and place a feather and pattern as shown

Making fletching

2. Open the Tool Forge (metal table) and choose the Bolt option from the left (highlighted in yellow here). Put the feather fletching in the bottom and the tipped bolts in the top


Fletching Types

Feathers: Feathers are 91% accurate and have a 5% break chance. These are the most standard fletchings.

Leaves: Standard leaves are 71% accurate, have a 0% break chance, grant 2.5x durability to the resulting arrow/bolt, and give the Stonebound effect (decreasing damage as number of arrows/bolts goes down).

Slime (green or blue): Slime fletchings are 96% accurate, have a 0.5% break chance, and penalize durability with a 0.8x durability multiplier.

Slime Leaves: Made from silk-touched or shorn (removed with shears) slimy leaves from the floating slime islands' iconic slime trees, these fletchings are 94% accurate, have a 2% break chance, grant a 1.4x durability multiplier, and have the coveted Jagged effect (increasing damage as number of arrows/bolts goes down). In most cases, these are the fletchings of choice.