The Excavator is a tool made at a Tool Forge. The excavator digs in a 3x3 area centered on the side of the block you are digging. This allows efficient excavation of dirt, sand, gravel, ore gravel, soul sand, and other things for which shovels are used.

1 x Excavator head.

1 x Large plate.

1 x Tough binding.

  • 1 x Tough rod.

Creation and Information

Material Amount of Material Required for Part
Excavator Head 8
Large Plate 8
Tough binding 3
Tough rod 3
Total cost 22
Material Composition Durability Mining Speed
Wood 600 1.4
Bone 1237 1.6
Cactus 928 2
Flint 740 2.1
Obsidian 440 2.8
Iron 2010 2.4
Silver 30 6.4
Platinum 464 9.6
Alumite 5630 3.2
Steel 6032 4
Manyullyn 18562 3.6

My personal recommendations are platinum with durability upgrades or manyullyn with speed. You can do what ever is convenient for you.( :

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