Image Modifier-Emerald
Mod Vanilla
Description Affixing an emerald to a tool's weakest point appears to make it more resilient.
Effects -50% more durability
Type Single-Use
Stackable No
Adds Trait(s) Emerald
Modifier Type Tools

Emeralds are a crafting material and a modifier.


The easiest way to obtain Emeralds is to trade with a Villager*.

Emeralds can be found rarely by mining in or near Extreme Hills and Roofed Forest biomes, between levels 4-31. Emerald ore will drop 1 Emerald when mined, however using a tool with Fortune on it will result in 1 extra Emerald being dropped for every level of fortune, up to a maximum of 4 with Fortune III.

Emeralds can spawn in dungeon chests. They spawn more frquently in Desert and Jungle Temples, while in greater numbers in End City chests.

Emeralds can also be obtained by smelting Villagers and pouring the resulting Liquified Emerald into a Casting Basin to make an Emerald Block**.


Adding an Emerald modifier to a tool will add 50% to the tool's base durability.

Emeralds are used in the smeltery to make Pig Iron, along with Iron and Blood.

An Emerald is also used to make the Silky Jewel modifier.


  • If a Diamond has been added to the tool, the extra 500 durability will be taken into account when adding the extra 50%.

Notes & Tips

  • (*)Due to the limited number of times a trade can be repeated, using an Auto Spawner from MineFactory Reloaded to create an exact copy of your villager can be very useful.
  • (**)An Auto-Spawner could also be used to spawn villagers to fall into your smeltery to be melted into Liquified Emerald, allowing you to create an automated Emerald farm.
  • On some tools it may be more effective to add a diamond as well as/instead of an Emerald, as the 50% increase may be less than the 500 points that are added by a diamond.