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  • Raw Meat, Cooked Meat, and an Item before
  • Jerky-fied Meat, Cooked Meat, and an Item after ~5 mins.
  • All the Drying Rack items
The Drying rack is a decorative block that can be used to put your items on display, but also has the ability to make Jerky and other foods.


Right-click the Drying Rack with an item to add it to the rack. If it is a raw meat item, it will turn into yummy Jerky after about five minutes.

Many kinds of jerky can be made, including beef, chicken, mutton (only if the right mods are installed), bacon, fish, and non-toxic monster meat. Additionally, Gelatinous Slime Drops and Coagulated Blood Drops can be made with the Drying Rack.  

Crafting & Other

The Drying Rack is crafted by placing three wooden slabs in a horizontal line in the table. This yields one Rack.

Any item can by hung from the Drying Rack, making it similar to an item frame as well as giving you the ability to make jerky.

Crafting GUI.png

Oak Wood Slab

Oak Wood Slab

Oak Wood Slab

Drying Rack

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