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The Cutlass is a secret tool obtainable within Tinker's Construct. The sword is created like any other sword; with a tool rod and a sword blade. The Full Guard stencil, unlike other sword crossbars, uses 3 items of whatever material you choose and the Full Guard material counts towards the final tool durability. Regular sword guards use .5 of a material and do not count towards the final durability.

How to make the Cutlass

In order to make the cutlass, you must have:

  1. x1 - sword blade
  2. x1 - full guard
  3. x1 - tool rod

To make the cutlass, in the tool forge, select either the broad sword, long sword, or the rapier.

Replace the guard slot with the full guard.



Right-click: Block

-Blocking cuts a wide variety of damage types in half

-After successfully blocking damage, gives the player Speed II for 5 seconds, ostensibly for a speedy getaway.

Natural abilities:

Critical Strike: 

10% chance to get a critical hit without jumping.


The secret nature of the cutlass makes it hidden from most Tinker's Construct users. A person "in the know" can surprise opponents with a weapon they didn't know existed!

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