Crafting Station

A Crafting Station


The crafting station is a variant of the vanilla crafting table.

Crafting and usage

The crafting station is made by simply putting a crafting table in the crafting interface. As such, it is usually the first Tinkers' Construct block crafted when starting out.

One of the main differences between it and the crafting table is that it holds your items in place even after exiting.  In the latest version, you can also access the contents of an adjacent inventory, such as a chest or a furnace, using it.[1]

The crafting station can also be used to change tool parts with Iguana Tinker Tweaks installed, by placing the tool in the centre and the new part in roughly the correct orientation (e.g. to add a new head to a pickaxe, place the pickaxe in the centre and the new head in the top-right square, nearest the head of the pickaxe. A new tool rod would go in the bottom-left square, closest to the handle)

It can be crafted into the crafting station slab, which is the same as the Crafting Station, as well, but it only takes up half a block, like regular slabs.

Tinker Table

When placed adjacent to a Tool Forge, the Crafting Station will gain the name "Tinker Table" and the GUI will show a pickaxe in the middle. 

This is where Exo-pieces must go to be modified. Modifications will work without a Tool forge, but you will not be able to see most details.

This is also where you would modify Traveller's Gear.


  1. Chests from other mods, such as Iron Chests, cannot be accessed by the Crafting Station.