All the gravel ores (plus stone ores).

Gravel ores are ores added to Tinker’s Construct that spawn on the surface when compared to normal ores found in the ground. They can be mined with shovels with the appropriate mining level. Each ore needs a certain mining level to be properly obtained; otherwise the blocks will drop nothing. There are currently 5 active types of gravel ores, and one unused ore. They are:
  • Iron Gravel Ore (Iron Mining Level)
  • Gold Gravel Ore (Tin Mining Level)
  • Copper Gravel Ore (Copper Mining Level)
  • Tin Gravel Ore (Tin Mining Level)
  • Aluminum Gravel Ore (Copper Mining Level)
  • Cobalt Gravel Ore (Cobalt Mining Level) (Unused)

(Adding Gallery Soon)


  • You’ll often find clumps of 4-8 ore blocks when travelling around the surface of your world. Sometimes there are more, sometimes less. The ore blocks follow the same generation algorithms that ore blocks follow.
  • When dropped on a torch, the gravel blocks will drop their appropriate block item. (Tested with version 1.8.3a of TC, needs further testing in other versions. Might be a configurable feature)
  • They are known as 'Surface Ores' in the config files.

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