This is an unofficial changelog for the Tinker's Construct mod. Both development versions and "stable" versions are covered.

1.7.10 "Boni" Versions


  • Update to NotEnoughKeys new API, fixing the inventory open bug
  • Fix AOE tools harvesting blocks when broken
  • Separate Ardite and Cobalt configs
  • Potential fix for slime islands not showing up on maps or on clients
  • Change blacklist for boss-yellow-heart-drops to a config option
  • Several Localization Updates. Thanks to all the people who continuously keep providing new/updated localizations!


  • RFTools integration/balance
  • Fix a crash with bolts and external mod integration
  • Fix a possible crash with thrown daggers
  • Fix crashes with worldgen when smeltery is disabled


  • Fix CraftingStation Chest NEI stuff.
  • Fix a dupe bug.
  • Several other smaller fixes.


  • Alumite, Ardite, Cobalt, Manyullyn bricks. (Textures by TherminatorX)
  • Cactus, Paper and Netherrack textures for some of the ranged weapons. (Textures by TheStapler)
  • Fix potential crashes with armor stuff.
  • Fix potential crash when smeltery size changes.
  • Fix potential crash with the lumber axe.


  • Note: from this version on only major bugs will be fixed. Full force ahead for the rework!
  • Fix redstone faucet behaviour! (Yes, you read that correctly)
  • Adjust/fix Pig-Iron alloy ratios.
  • Oreberries cannot be obtained from nugget casts or make nugget casts anymore.
  • Fix aluminium brass localization.
  • Materials added through IMC can now have custom textures.
  • Crashfixes.
  • And a complete Italian translation for the books from TheVikingWarrior!


  • Updated to Forge 1387, fixes bugs with liquids that were registered multiple times.


  • Forge 1351+ compatibility.
  • Mattocks now work on Melons/Pumpkins!
  • Picking up projectiles on the ground should work better now. (especially with ITT)
  • Bugfixes.


  • Rebalance arrow/bolt damage.
  • Buff throwing knives.
  • Shurikens can now be thrown with tool-rightclick just like splash-potions/block-placement.
  • Quartz now always adds flat damage to all ranged hits.
  • Bouncepads don't break transparency anymore.
  • New Gear-Module that adds integration for gear-casting if mods with gears are present.
  • Complete Thermal Expansion/Foundation integration with the new fluids and some recipies.
  • More IMCs for other mods. (Thermal Foundation materials should now be repairable with the newest version)
  • Dynamic/Zelda Sword Skills support.
  • Config option to disable Villager melting into emeralds.
  • Nametags can now be used in a Tool Station/Forge to rename anything.
  • Fix bows and some other things causing extreme FPS lag in some instances. (thanks skyboy)
  • Fix slight offset when aiming. (also thanks skyboy)
  • Fix achievements in multiplayer.
  • Fix Reinforced sometimes not working properly.
  • Fix an issue with RF modifiers if a specific mod combination occured.
  • Several Crash/Bug Fixes.


  • IMC for bow and arrow materials.
  • UBC support. (thanks Glassmaker!)
  • Full localization.
  • Necrotic modifier only heals when hitting stuff that is alive.
  • Fix Smite/Antispider not giving any bonus damage!
  • Fix items taken from drying racks or casting table/basins or oreberries sometimes not showing up in the inventory.
  • Fix some tools messing up boss-health rendering.
  • Some graphical/text fixes.
  • Fix crashes when trying to craft bows/crossbows with materials that don't support it.
  • Some fixes when TinkerSmeltery is disabled.
  • Some more crash fixes and preventions.


  • Standard Tinker Weapons can be used with Battlegear again.
  • Fix moss on javelins sometimes removing ammo.
  • Fix Daggers returning arrows.
  • Fix stone-crossbow-bodies giving extra modifier.
  • Smeltery module should now be deactivatable.
  • Prevent some crashes with outdated mods.
  • Toggling the belt after death doesn't crash anymore. Still causes inventory desyncs.
  • Some compatibility fixes for Iguana Tinker Tweaks.
  • No more player resizing. This time for real.

1.8.0 "Tinkers' Weaponry"

  • Complete rework of projectiles and ranged weapons.
  • New Weaponry book containing all the info for the new stuff. (probably not complete, but should contain everything you need to know)
  • New stuff is missing textures for Netherrack, Ardite, Flint etc.
  • Tons of damage.
  • Shooting your friends never was this fun.


  • Up to 2 Thaumometers can now be added to the goggles. 1 makes nodes visible, 2 turns them into goggles of revealing. (Not documented in the books)
  • Slab pattern chests now also keep their inventory.
  • Fix some cross-mod behaviours with Blue Slimes/King Slime.
  • Small cross-mod fix that changes stone-harvest tool when Chisel is present.
  • Fix slimy grass being harvestable without silktouch.
  • Render colored liquids correctly in the smelteries and tanks.
  • Fix liquid blue slime not being recognized as liquid.
  • Describe the Flux Modifier changes from last patch in the books.
  • NEK integration.
  • Fix some other mods not recognizing tinker tools as the proper tools. (pick/axe/...)
  • Fix a crash that could occur when draining a castning basin or table.
  • Several other fixes you probably wont even notice. ;)


  • Better IMC support for materials.
  • More Localization.
  • Flux modifier now needs at least battery capacity/1000 in durability to be applicable.
  • Compressed Cobblestone can only be melted up to 4x.
  • Crashes with crafting table.
  • AOE-Tools not getting proper callbacks for each broken block.
  • Fix wings not repairing with moss.
  • Fix traveller gear not being repairable.
  • Fix goggle and belt toggling.
  • Emerald Smeltery values.
  • Combressed Cobble Smeltery values and derpage.
  • More crash fixes.
  • More smaller fixes.


  • Extra hearts for hardcore mode! (Thanks MCGamer20000)
  • Smeltery Fuel consumption rework/ajustment fixes.
  • Don't die. (Death penalties on tools)
  • Redstone on Gloves actually works now.
  • Tinkers now has proper IMC support! See here for details.
  • You can now pour water and lava into buckets in the casting table!
  • Really fast AOE Tools should work properly now.
  • King Slime got his name back.
  • Noppes NPCs don't drop yellow hearts anymore.
  • Some Toolforges looking like PatternChests.
  • Materials without parts crashing NEI.
  • ExtraTiC toolparts being present twice.
  • Some more crash and display fixes.


  • The sneaking-harvest thing for AOE tools now correctly only works with the Lumber Axe.
  • AOE Tools now only breaks up to 10x harder blocks. No more obsidian breaking when harvesting stone.
  • Restore old pattern chest until new one is ready.
  • Small fix regarding attacking with tools. Stuff might deal minimally less damage.
  • Chisels pop out of the crafting grid now when they break. Automation!
  • Fix the black bars and similar rendering issues.
  • Fix moss-modifier on armor not updating the damage display.
  • Many more NEI/Knapsack fixes.
  • Fix the smeltery-bottom not being taken into account correctly.
  • Fix invar and electrum not being alloyable in the smeltery.
  • Fix Autosmelt giving smelt items even if the block wasn't harvestable.
  • Fix golden carrot/melon requiring too much gold.
  • Fix chisel crafting with damaged chisels.
  • Several random crash fixes caused by other mods.
  • Several other random fixes.


  • Fix a bug that sometimes caused alloys with amount 0 in the smeltery if not enough was present of both liquids, mostly noticable with poor ores.


  • Much more NEI Shinyness. (Rightclick on a toolpart. Do it. Right now.)
  • AOE Tools now only harvest the main block while sneaking.
  • UI fixes with NEI, also some fixes with Tabs.
  • Tinkers now supports toolmaterials without graphics...
  • ...and now features a minimal textures option that does not load the specific material textures. This can possibly increase graphic performance a bit on some low end computers.
  • Buff Pyrotheum.
  • Railcraft poor ore support.
  • More localization stuff!
  • Fix TE and some other metals only requiring 1 ingot for blocks.
  • Fix TE alloys in the Smeltery.
  • Knapsacks and Belt dupe/death problems should be fixed.
  • Fix issues with breaking speeds/harvestability on custom materials. (mostly concerns newer AE2 releases)
  • Fix patternchests not dropping contents if destroyed by explosions and the like.
  • Fix tinker armor not being indestructible like tinker tools.
  • Modifiers can only be applied to their actual intended target now. (Tool/Armor/Accessory)


  • Fix Smeltery dupe bug and hopefully the last bug when changing the smeltery size.
  • TConstruct now has its own NEI support! No more NEI Plugins needed for that. (thanks tonius11)


  • New Smeltery stuff!
    • Smelteries can have any rectangular size from 3x3 to 4x7 to 9x9. (from 5x5)
    • Smeltery capacity depends directly on size.
    • Smelteries learned how to use Pyrotheum.
    • Smeltery GUI shinyness.
  • Some fixes.
  • Ported many changes from the latest 1.6.4 version that didn't make the jump to 1.7.10.
  • Redstone modifier changes.
  • Fix heart rendering.
  • Fix Arrow/Dagger/Bow rendering.
  • Comparator output for fullness of smeltery and seared tank/glass.
  • Tool Blockbreaking has been reworked. Tinker tools should not cause any problems with other mod blocks anymore.
  • Armor Modifiers now have proper book pages.
  • Frying pans in the world are now colorable.
  • Battlesigns can be placed.
  • Dense Ore Support.
  • More Localization stuff.
  • Zombie Flesh can be smelted into a small amount of blood.
  • New slimecrystal graphics by baddaspig.
  • Many small (liquid) rendering fixes.
  • Tanks also display the liquids they contain in item form.
  • Fix stuff derping when putting incorrect modifiers onto armor.
  • Fix ExtraUtilities Compressed Block support.
  • No more free toolrod pattern for you.
  • Many fixes with autosmelting.
  • Fix Achievements.
  • Fix black armor slots.
  • So many small fixes that I don't even know where to start.

1.7.10 "Beta" Versions


  • Fixed electrum. We know it crashes, now it doesn't.
  • Removed coremod. That should stop all the weird crashes.
  • Changed how tanks render liquids.
  • Fixed harvest type being ignore in dig speed calculation.
  • Fix armor modifier crashes.
  • Changed how clear glass panes rendered.
  • Pattern chests keep inventory on harvest.
  • Reworking stencil table.
  • Fix Tool Station rendering.
  • Material abilities should be localized properly.
  • Other bugfixes that have been lost, but not forgotten.


  • Fix autosmelt-interaction not respecting the amount of items created by the smelting-recipe.
  • Many materials have been buffed, including wood and steel.
  • Crafting stations cannot have items pulled from them.
  • Fix blue slime buckets crashing on placement.
  • Pig Iron now has a sizzling block.
  • Fix gravel ore being harvestable without shovel.
  • Obsidian ingots are castble again.


  • Blue Slimes no longer drop yellow hearts.
  • Flux modifiers now use the battery they were modified with.
  • Fix a bug, that when activating a faucet and the draining fails, the next attempt to activate it would do nothing.
  • Fix Mattock using vanilla damageItem. Caused Mattock to vanish on breaking.
  • All morph related bugs should be fixed.
  • Gold foods should be meltable.
  • Traveller's boots fixes.
  • Baubles icon should show up now.
  • Updated all missing mod compatibility.
  • Fix slime leaves and oreberry bushes always rendered with low quality texture.
  • Fix lumber axe destroying indestructible blocks.


  • Fixed tools not harvesting mod blocks correctly.
  • Removed all cape things.
  • Readded NEI support.
  • fix for blockbreaking issues with tools.
  • Materials and You now have volume numbers.
  • Fixed modifiers going over the max in the crafting ststion.
  • Mining Fatigue no longer lingers when cleavers are dropped.
  • Glueballs melt into glue, not gold.
  • XP is dropped correctly from blocks with tools.
  • Fixed high step effect on traveller's boots.
  • Ender Pearls can be cast in something round.
  • Modifiers should work correctly across different languages.


  • Traveller's Gear hotkeys should work.
  • Knapsacks are now equipable.
  • Broad tools should respect mining levels of adjacent blocks.
  • Metal blocks now work as beacon bases.


  • Fixed accumulating fall damage in bounce pads, and step sound.
  • Fixed items dropping while clicking chest inventory in crafting station/tinkers table, and display order for large chests.
  • Fixed changing fluids in tanks on restarting the game.
  • Fixed idle bow sprite.
  • Fixed Smeltery GUI click and drag.
  • Fixed flammabilty of bricks and fancy bricks.
  • Fixed villager crashing from not having data on items.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in how damage/speed of tools is calculated in GUIs.
  • Made slab furnaces accept items with the same restrictions as normal furnaces.
  • Safer tile entity casting in SearedBlock.getCollisionBoundingBoxFromPool.
  • Fixed repairing only working with the first 2 crafting slots in the tinker table.
  • Fixed multiple repairs being more effective than a single repair with the same amount of materials.
  • Fixed the ammo tooltip damage string and give a name to placed frying pans.
  • Fixed Localizations in Smeltery Tooltip and WAILA.
  • Fix TConstruct keybindings in lang files.
  • Various other fixes.


  • There is only one copy of controls now.
  • Blue slime eggs have textures.
  • Manyullyn/alumite blocks melt in the Smeltery.
  • Fixed Various ore blocks looking wrong in the Smeltery.
  • Fixed Casting tables look strange while being mined.
  • Fixed Auto-Smelt completely not working.
  • Slime drops look like themselves now.
  • Heart canisters no longer drop on death.
  • Mattocks have sound when hoeing.
  • Accessories (belts, glove) show up on the player now.
  • Tool repairs in crafting station should work with all 8 slots.
  • Traveller's Gear should have recipes.


  • Completed Tool Forge slot logic.
  • Fixed duplication bugs with tool Forges.
  • Fixed tool forge not being able to name things.
  • Fixed not being able to repair tools.
  • Fixed aluminum gravel ore crash.


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.7.10. 1.7.2 is not supported.
  • Many undiscovered bugs may be present.
  • Armor pulled from experimental version.
  • Tool Forges can name every item provided they do not have a name.
  • Mod separated internally into modules. Modules can be disabled, but this process is not yet finished.
  • FluidType is more suitable for outside use.
  • Various glass types have been fixed.
  • Fixed memory leaks with packets.

1.7 "Alpha" Versions


  • Fixed book crash.
  • Update battlesigns.
  • Fix tool harvest speeds.
  • Various other fixes.


  • Fixed a crash bug with fluid packets.
  • Fixed crashing when right-clicking on blocks with an empty hand.
  • Removed Battlegear II compatibility due to API breakage.
  • Armor storage now uses UUIDs.
  • The red and black books should be given to players again.


  • Added yellow and green heart canisters.
  • The armor tab should sync properly on login.
  • Casting channels updated from 1.6.
  • All furnace recipes should be functional now.
  • Descriptive books should no longer crash.


  • Multiple server-side crash fixes.
  • Proper checking for empty armor slots.


  • Initial port to 1.7.x. Many bugs are included!
  • Requires Mantle.

1.6.4 "Stable" Versions

  • Fixed ingots being able to be made without a cast.
  • Fixed pigiron and glue buckets misbehaving.

  • Fix faucets crashing the client sometimes.

  • Fix certain tools crashing the client when rendering.

  • Fixed Smeltery failing over time.

  • Hotfix for scythes crashing in the tool station.
  • Bows should no longer eat FPS like candy.
  • Daggers and Arrows render properly.
  • The Smeltery should always be capable of melting villagers now.
  • Blocks should render as blocks when melting in the Smeltery.

  • Hotfix for quartz modifier malfunction.


  • Removed battlegear compatibility due to API breakage.
  • Casting Channel behavior with faucets should be quite useable now.
  • Knapsacks are now dimensionally aware. (Witchery compatibility)
  • Changed how hearts render to better represent poison and wither status.
  • TiC storage block Tool Forges got some texture love form §ThermX.
  • Fixed duplication exploits.
  • Fixed duplication bugs.
  • Fixed duplications of crafting in the crafting station and no you can't do it anymore!
  • Fixed reinforced tooltip.
  • Standardized speed tooltips.
  • Fixed compressed cobblestone melting values.
  • Capes moved to a new location.
  • Custom NPCs should not drop yellow hearts 100% of the time now.
  • Tools should work properly with attributes now. (Exo-armor, spiked gloves, etc)
  • Added a drawbridge blacklist.


  • Armor Gui accessories redone.
  • Yellow hearts will drop from bosses.
  • Tasty now drops bacon every so often.
  • Added a creative-mode way to get tools.
  • Added a third extra modifier for tools.
  • Battlesigns have the writable trait.
  • Battlesigns now have the "Damage Reflector" ability.
  • Scythes with silk touch function as shears.
  • A config setting has been added to make vanilla tools have only one use.
  • Knapsacks should sync properly on load.
  • The tool station gui now shows speed properly.
  • Slimegrass will no longer grow under other slimegrass.


  • Added a crafting recipe for the exo-suit, config value disabled by default.
  • The Crafting Station is now somewhat sensitive to blocks around it. (Tool Stations, Chests, etc)
  • Fixed various bugs involved with aluminum and block crafting.
  • Added TE3 support for Nether ores and aluminum.
  • Various changes to casting channels.
  • Obsidian mixing in the Smeltery re-added.
  • Bow lag should be slightly improved.
  • Fixed a bug that let hammers mine blocks above their mining.

  • Added a name tag recipe.
  • Fixed blood drop item behavior.
  • Added a config for crafting of endstone.
  • Added a config to disable tool log spam.
  • Fixed a bug with tool log spam.
  • Misc fixes.

  • Bronze and aluminum brass names reverted.
  • Fixed a bug with the descriptive books crashing.
  • Fixed a bug where any item could be placed in the armor gui.

  • Default value for bronze alloy changed to 4 ingots. (Update your configs)
  • Bronze and Aluminum Brass renamed to align with Thermal Expansion.
  • Suppression fixes for Iguana Tweaks.

  • Fix FoV shenanigans.

  • All hostile mobs drop miniature red hearts.
  • Alternate empty canister recipe.


  • Blood.
  • Blood can be poured into a casting table and then put on a drying rack.
  • Slime channels can be made with raw slimeballs.
  • Nether version of the Smeltery that can be made with Natura's nether materials.
  • Blood channels.

  • Retrofixed battlegear support.

  • Fixed battlegear support.
  • Fixed a display bug with RF tool durability.
  • Cleavers do more damage.


  • Drawbridges, igniters, signals, and cable buses were moved to Tinkers' Mechworks.
  • Essence extractors were removed.
  • Added a gem cast.
  • Emeralds are now meltable.
  • Horses melt into glue.
  • Pigiron tools.
  • Aluminum ingots are now registered as "aluminum" and "aluminium" instead of "naturalAluminum".
  • ALL descriptive books updated to reflect changes.
  • Tooltips added on blocks that need them.
  • New storage block textures.
  • Thermal Expansion support.
  • Extra Utilities support.
  • Tools without another ability can throw splash potions.
  • Fluids are source versions instead of finite.
  • Ender items melt at the proper values.


  • Experimental Adaptive Smeltery config setting. It's quite buggy, off by default.
  • Tool parts are meltable.
  • SDX, the mining explosive.
  • Wooden rails.
  • Stone ladders.
  • Wooden patterns can be used as furnace fuel.
  • Repair modifier reworked.
  • Wooden armor has recipes.
  • Slime islands should be transparent now.
  • AE support for multiblocks.
  • Fix oreDict recipes regarding stone torches.
  • Updated battlegear support.
  • Added a warning message to crashlogs regarding GregTech or OptiFine. (we don't support these mods in any way)


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.6.4.
  • Fixed a crash when a drawbridge is placed in another drawbridge's camo slot.
  • Various drawbridge changes.
  • Items can be tossed in the Smeltery from above.
  • Metals render properly behind translucent blocks.
  • Reduced updates on casting channels.

  • Added Jerky.
  • Added Slime Channels.
  • Added Bounce Pads.
  • Added Battlegear 2 support.
  • Initial Mystcraft Support.
  • MFR support is now a child mod.
  • Many config settings for Slime Islands.
  • Removed EBXL API.
  • Knapsacks drop items in the proper place.
  • Attacking iron golems with computercraft turtles no longer crashes the game.
  • Arrow rendering.
  • Landmines no longer duplicate things.

1.6 "Experimental" Versions

Build 30

  • Smeltery controllers, drains, and seared tanks now have comparator output.
  • Essence berries converted from ore berries should not crash the game.
  • Liquid colors for molten metals are now correct.
  • Feather fall wings drop much faster.
  • Weapons now harvest more materials. Scythes harvest a lot more, including wool.
  • Most modifiers for armor won't crash the game now.

Build 24

  • Stencil Table reverted. (for now)
  • Fixed a crash bug with blood magic lava crystals.
  • Fixed step height bug with traveller's boots.
  • Blue slimes have proper health values.
  • Added metal slimes.
  • Blue slimes can spawn naturally.
  • Stone tools re-added, adjusted to exactly match wood tools.
  • Nerfed nether metals.
  • Buffed steel.
  • All ore berries changed to essence berries.

Build 22

  • Traveller's Gear has been added. Goggles, Vest, Wings, Boots, Belt, Gloves.
  • Traveller's Gear can be modified. It is clothing, not armor.
  • Stone tool crafting has been removed. Wood tools have been buffed to compensate.
  • Stencil Table rework in progress.
  • Beginner's Tools are given for new worlds.
  • Many API changes. Addons are not expected to work.
  • Tool Forges can now name any item if it does not have a name.
  • Stencils now craft in sets of 4, Barricades in sets of 16.

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