Casts are used with the Smeltery to make metal tool parts. To start, take a stone tool part, (ex., pickaxe head) and put it in a Casting Table hooked up to your Smeltery. Then pour some Aluminum Brass  or Gold into the table. It will form a Cast around the tool part. The stone part is consumed and your cast is ready to be filled with metal of your choice.

You can make Casts for any tool part except Bowstring and Fletching. You can also make Ingot and Gem Casts. The ingot cast requires any ingot. The gem cast requires an emerald (the emerald is NOT consumed in the process).

There are also clay versions of cast which act the same way as the normal cast however they are one use items.

Making a cast takes the same materials as making the part.

List of Casts

  • Grid Blank Cast Blank Cast
  • Grid Arrowhead Cast Arrowhead Cast
  • Grid Axe Head Cast Axe Head Cast
  • Grid Bow Limb Cast Bow Limb Cast
  • Grid Broadaxe Head Cast Broadaxe Head Cast
  • Grid Chisel Head Cast Chisel Head Cast
  • Grid Crossbar Cast Crossbar Cast
  • Grid Crossbow Body Cast Crossbow Body Cast
  • Grid Crossbow Limb Cast Crossbow Limb Cast
  • Grid Excavator Head Cast Excavator Head Cast
  • Grid Full Guard Cast Full Guard Cast
  • Grid Gem Cast Gem Cast
  • Grid Hammer Head Cast Hammer Head Cast
  • Grid Hand Guard Cast Hand Guard Cast
  • Grid Ingot Cast Ingot Cast
  • Grid Knife Blade Cast Knife Blade Cast
  • Grid Large Blade Cast Large Blade Cast
  • Grid Large Plate Cast Large Plate Cast
  • Grid Nugget Cast Nugget Cast (in GitHub builds)
  • Grid Pan Cast Pan Cast
  • Grid Pickaxe Head Cast Pickaxe Head Cast
  • Grid Scythe Head Cast Scythe Head Cast
  • Grid Shovel Head Cast Shovel Head Cast
  • Grid Shuriken Cast Shuriken Cast
  • Grid Sword Blade Cast Sword Blade Cast
  • Grid Tool Binding Cast Tool Binding Cast
  • Grid Tool Rod Cast Tool Rod Cast
  • Grid Tough Binding Cast Tough Binding Cast
  • Grid Tough Rod Cast Tough Rod Cast
  • Grid Wide Board Cast Wide Board Cast
  • Grid Wide Guard Cast Wide Guard Cast