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Casting Table Ingame
The Casting Table is an essential part of the Smeltery. The Table allows the player to make metal tools, as well as Ingots, and various items that require metals in their crafting. The table must be placed under the Seared Faucet in order to be used.



Making Casts

In order to make metal tools, A part made in the Stencil Table must be cast into a Cast. In order to create a cast, first create the part of which you wish to create a cast and place it in the casting table. Then pour Aluminum Brass or Gold onto the objects to create the cast. Casts can only be used in the casting table

Once you have a working smeltery with drains and faucets, place Aluminum Brass or Gold in the Smeltery Controller, it will take a few seconds for the items to smelt. When it´s done smelting, you will see a liquid in the Smeltery Controller's GUI and inside of the smeltery itself. When this is done the items will no longer be inside the Smeltery Controller. Then, put a tool part or an item shaped like an ingot (to make an ingot cast) in the Casting Table. Now right click the Seared Faucet. You should see the liquid flow out from the Faucet and out onto the Casting Table and your part. Then right click the Casting Table twice. This gives you the cast and your tool part.

Making Metal Tools

After you have created your casts, you can pour any metal with a tool part into the cast using your Casting Table. Right click on the Seared Faucet above the Casting Table containing your cast, and watch the molten metal pour! After the metal has cooled, you may use your new metal parts in the Tool Station or the Tool Forge.

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