Image Material-Bronze
Mod Tinker's Construct
Description A common alloy. It's a bit better than iron.
Requires Smeltery? Yes
Durability 550
Full Tool Durability 715
Handle Modifier 1.3x
Mining Level 2
Mining Speed 8.0
Base Attack 1
Material Trait Reinforced I

Bronze is an alloy created by combining Molten Copper and Tin in a Smeltery in a 3:1 ratio; this yields 4 Bronze ingots. It can be used for tools, and is also required to craft Exo-Armor (dev build 1.5.3d1 and up).

Bronze is about equal to Iron. For pickaxes, it is on the same level, but has a lower durability. It is easier to produce in mass quantities than iron, because of the amount of exposed copper and tin. It adds the Reinforced I modifier, the same as Iron.


  • How to make bronze.
  • Result: 4 bronze ingots.
  • Molten bronze from above.
  • Bronze ingot right after casting.
Tinkers' Construct Alloy Smeltery GUI.png

Alloy Smeltery Liquid Copper

Alloy Smeltery Liquid Tin

Alloy Smeltery Liquid Bronze

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