This feature has been removed. You can reuse it with Thermal Foundation mod.

Image Material-Bronze

Empty Grid
Grid Bronze
Mod Tinker's Construct
Description A common alloy. It's a bit better than iron.
Stackable Yes (64)
Smeltery? Yes
Handle Modifier 1.1x
Mining Level Grid Diamond Ore Diamond
Mining Speed 6.8
Durability See durability
Full Tool Durability See durability
Base Attack 3.5
Material Trait(s) Dense

Bronze is an alloy created by combining Molten Copper and Tin in a Smeltery in a 3:1 ratio; this yields 4 Bronze ingots. It can be used for tools, and is also required to craft Exo-Armor (dev build 1.5.3d1 and up).

Bronze was about equal to Iron. For pickaxes, it was on the same level, but has a lower durability. It was easier to produce in mass quantities than iron, because of the amount of exposed copper and tin. It added the Reinforced I modifier, the same as Iron. However, in the current update, Iron has different trait called Magnetic which attracts nearby things when attack.


Tinkers' Construct Alloy Smeltery GUI.png
Smeltery Liquid Copper
Smeltery Liquid Tin
Smeltery Liquid Bronze