• A Method for obtaining Blood
  • Notice how Molten Iron was needed in order to 'Bleed' the character
"Blood" is obtained by putting mobs or players down in your Smeltery while there is a molten substance in it. With players, it damages 2.5 hearts at a time and yields 5 mB of Blood. It is used in making Pig Iron and Coagulated Blood.

Rotten Flesh can also be melted down in Smelteries for 5 mB of Blood. Bleeding requires some molten material to hurt the subject.

Coagulated Blood

Coagulated Blood is made by pouring 160 mB of Blood into a Casting Table. It can be eaten to restore 1 hunger and give 15 seconds of Health Boost. Health boost allows you to slowly generate extra health past your 10 base hearts, but will take the extra health away once the effects wear off.

When placed on a Drying Rack for a while, it will turn into a Coagulated Blood Drop.

Coagulated Blood Drop

The Coagulated Blood Drop is a food item that can be eaten to restore 3 hunger and give two and a half minutes of Health Boost II. Health Boost II does the same as Health Boost, but it only takes away half of the extra hearts when it runs out.
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Blood Drop

Blood Channel

Blood Channels are created by placing four Coagulated Blood into your crafting table with one redstone. They are a half slab-sized block of flowing blood, but they will not spread beyond the one block that you placed them on. They can be picked back up and placed again and flow away from where you were when you placed them. This makes them useful as conveyor belt-like blocks, allowing you to transport items or mobs with ease and without having to worry about water going all over the place when you take things apart.

Bucket o' Blood

This is exactly what it sounds like, a Bucket of Blood. You can get this by using a bucket on a tank containing at least one bucket's worth of blood, or by putting an empty bucket on a casting table and pouring blood over it. This can be placed and picked back up.