Aluminum Brass is an alloy made with 3 x Aluminum and 1 x Copper. This yields 4 Aluminum Brass. 

The metals must be melted in a Smeltery.
Tc alumbrass inv

Aluminum brass ingot

  • How to make aluminum brass.
  • Result: 4 aluminum brass ingots.
  • Molten aluminum brass from above.
  • Aluminum brass ingots right after casting.


Add Copper + Aluminium to the smeltery.
Tinkers' Construct Alloy Smeltery GUI.png

Alloy Smeltery Liquid Copper

Alloy Smeltery Liquid Aluminum

Alloy Smeltery Liquid Aluminum Brass


Molten Aluminum Brass can be poured into either an empty Casting Table to make a Blank Cast, or a Casting Basin to make a Block of Aluminum Brass. The molten metal is also used to make part casts by pouring the metal over an individual tool part. It is a cheaper cast material than gold.

Aluminum Brass has no uses other than making Casts, Drawbridges, and Igniters from Tinker's Mechworks. It cannot be made into tool parts.

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